Caleb Bryant
Name Caleb Bryant
Occupation Hip-hop artist
Pathology Double murderer
Family Unnamed father
Status Imprisoned for life
Actor Eugene Jones III
First Appearance "Funny Valentine"

Caleb Bryant was a famous hip hop artist and the boyfriend of aspiring singer Micha Green.

History Edit

Bryant had been abusing Micha while they were together; he would also cheat on her as well. It is later revealed that his father was a pimp who would abuse him repeatedly and teach him to treat women as objects. This would later turn Bryant into a violent sociopath.

After a restraining order was initiated on him, he broke it by sleeping with Micha at her home, and was later arrested by police. Bryant would later continue to stalk her by showing up at the nightclub where the party celebrating her album was held. He then had a confrontation with one of the producers, John "Brass" Blaken, which ended when he shot him to death. He later escaped on a yacht with Micha, where Bryant beat her to death.

Micha's body was later discovered washed up on the shore, and Bryant was immediately arrested for her murder. (SVU: "Funny Valentine")

Known Victims Edit

  • Micha Green (his girlfriend; stalked and abused repeatedly; later beaten to death)
  • The nightclub shooting:
    • John Blaken (Micha's producer; killed)
    • The unnamed backup singer (injured)
    • Numerous unnamed women (all injured)

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