Cameron Tyler
Finn Wittrock
Name Cameron Tyler
Occupation Cyber mogul
Pathology Serial rapist
Status Imprisoned
Actor Finn Wittrock
First Appearance "Wonderland Story"

Cameron Tyler is a wealthy cyber mogul and a serial rapist who sexually assaulted four women, including former rape victim Sarah Walsh.


Growing up together, Cameron and Matthew were best friends and when Matthew and Nicole get engaged, he asks Cameron to be his best man. Cameron later becomes a wealthy cyber mogul and starts dating a model. Cameron rapes a woman who worked for him and got her to drop the charges by financing a bakery for her to run. During a July 4th party, Cameron drugs Nicole and rapes her. When Nicole wakes up the next day, she has no memory of what happened and Cameron convinces her that she just got drunk.

Wonderland Story

A year later when Cameron learns that Matthew and Nicole are going to a party with friends (including Sarah), he comes to the party where he eventually drugs Sarah and carries her outside and takes her home. When they get to Sarah's apartment, Cameron rapes her and leaves. When he goes to another party Amanda and Fin question everyone and Cameron tells him he was in the Hamptons during Sarah's rape. Now that he know the detectives are investigating Sarah's rape Cameron decided to visit Sarah to make sure she does't know it was him who assaulted her. When detectives Olivia and Nick come to question Sarah about Cameron they are surprised to find that Cameron is with her.

When Nick questions him about him carrying Sarah out of the party even thou he said he was in the Hamptons he tells him that he didn't want his girlfriend to know he was with Sarah. He admits he carried her out but denies going to her apartment. When he gets home Nicole tells him that she is pregnant from the New Years party which eventually causes Cameron to admit he had sex with her but he try to convince her it was consensual. When the SVU barge in Cameron realizes that Nicole's pregnancy was only a ruse to help the detectives arrest him, when he is placed under arrest the detectives search his house and find the victims' earrings (which he ripped from his victim' ears to keep as souvenirs) and eight Cloud videos of him raping women. While being brought into the precinct Matthew tries to attack Cameron for betraying him by raping Nicole but the detectives keep them apart. When confronted with all the evidence against him Cameron eventually decides to plea guilty to four counts of rape. (SVU: "Wonderland Story")

Known Victims

  • Unknown dates and locations: Five unnamed women
  • 2012, East Hampton, New York: Celine Dubbois
  • 2013, New York City, New York: