"Can I Get a Witness?"
L&O, Episode 14.16
Production number: E4320
First aired: 25 February 2004
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Michael Schneider
Written By
Aaron Zelman

Directed By
Don Scardino

Plot Edit

A boy is murdered in the park in front of two witnesses by a man on a bicycle. When the witnesses are repeatedly threatened and one turns up dead, the case against the murderer begins to unravel.

Cast Edit

Main cast Edit

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Quotes Edit

Green: Well, we might as well start canvassing the neighborhood.
Briscoe: See if anybody saw a kid on a bike? That ought to narrow it down.
Briscoe: We've talked to more felons today than most prison wardens.
Southerlyn: The police found the gun under the mattress...
Defense Attorney: In his grandmother's apartment not his.
Southerlyn: So what, granny did it?
Briscoe: A couple of years ago, Slug was picked up for armed robbery with a guy named Calvin Jacob Rivers, knocked over a bar.
Green: Allegedly.
Van Buren: Let me guess.
Green: Yep, two dozen witnesses developed amnesia.
Van Buren: This guy's a walking epidemic.
Briscoe: He's a public menace.
Green: It's Keyes' cousin. Homey plays the system like a Stradivarius. Visits Rikers under the table, has his crew intimidate witnesses.
Briscoe: He's got the whole neighborhood under his thumb.
Shayna Rosario: Look, I told you nobody threatened me.
Southerlyn: As soon as you give us a statement, we can arrest Slug.
Shayna Rosario: Jail won't stop him. You don't think I don't know what happened to Jimmy? As long as I keep my mouth shut, I'll be safe.
McCoy: Not necessarily. Slug may reach out and try to silence you on the chance that you might testify.
Shayna Rosario: Yeah, now he might, somebody sees you here. If my father knew you here right now ...
Southerlyn: We're going to protect you.
Shayna Rosario: Like you protected Jimmy?

Background information and notes Edit

Lennie mentions that a surprising number of men named Bernard visit prison. In real life, Jerry Orbach's middle name was Bernard.

Episode scene cards Edit

1 2 3

Mike's Bikes
1251 St. Nicholas Avenue
Wednesday, December 1

Apartment of
Foster Keyes
823 West 170th Street
Friday, December 3

Apartment of
Tanya Ware
295 East 127th Street
Wednesday, December 8

4 5 6

Supreme Court
Trial Part 74
Monday, January 3

Rikers Island
Records Office
Tuesday, January 4

Apartment of
Gladys Rivers
377 West 146th Street
Wednesday, January 5

7 8 9

Supreme Court
Trial Part 99
Tuesday, February 22

Supreme Court
Trial Part 99
Wednesday, February 23

Supreme Court
Trial Part 99
Wednesday, February 23

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"Can I Get a Witness?"
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Season 14
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