Carlo Parisi
Carlo Parisi
Name Carlo Parisi
Affiliation Parisi Studios
Division Fashion
Occupation Fashion Photographer
Co-business partner
Pathology Serial statutory rapist
Accessory to murder
Status Imprisoned
Actor Ritchie Coster
First Appearance ...Or Just Look Like One

Carlo Parisi was a fashion photographer who got his big break from his ex-finacee before he stood her up, Deborah Latrell. Before Deborah, his name was Carlo Parsley and he used to photograph stereos for electrics store ads.

On the night of Jazmin's murder, he failed his 'weight-in' and told her to come back when she lost eight pounds, when really, he made her have oral sex with him and then refused to use her on the photo shoot as according to Nina Laszlo, Jazmin's manager, Jazmin said he made her have oral sex with him. He also had a private Polaroid collection of girls having oral sex with him before Jazmin stole all of them and wanted to use them to make sure that he never worked again and possibly end up in jail.

While Benson and Stabler ask Parisi questions, Munch and Cassidy begin their search. Benson informs him they know about the pictures. Stabler tells him his version of what he thinks happened. Benson reminds him they have him on statutory rape whether or not they have pictures as he made Jazmin sit for her 'oral exam.' Benson and Stabler tells him there was a semen stain on Jazmin's dress and ask him for a blood sample to see if the semen's his or not. While Carlo thinks it was a consensual act, Stabler believes Carlo used his power to hire and fire girls to get sexual favors and pornographic photos from a minor, which was not consensual.

While Benson and Stabler began their search, they find out that Deborah was not only his assistant, but also his co-partner and that she was engaged to him, but he stood her up. She tells Elliot and Olivia how she made his career and how she lost her career by The Measuring Man and was abandoned and shunned by everyone except Carlo. She tells them Jazmin showed her the pictures and when she sees the hammer, she tells them she was high on speed when she hit Jazmin's teeth with the hammer. She only hit Wong after she started screaming. Bringing Parisi into this, he told her to make it look like rape and dropped her off at the hospital. After they dropped Jazmin at the hospital, Deborah said that he did 'something' with Vanessa, possibly having sex with her corpse.

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