Carly Jackson
Name Carly Jackson
Occupation Student
Family Lorena Jackson (mother)
Status Deceased
First Appearance "Baby Killer"
Last Appearance "Baby Killer"

Carly Jackson was an African American girl who was shot by Elias Barrera. It later turns out that Elias was intending to shoot a member of a gang of drug dealers who came by to get him after he witnessed their shooting, but shot Carly by accident. Following the arrest of the drug dealers, Elias was acquitted of all charges, since he had no intention of killing Carly in the first place; even the Jackson family were willing to forgive him for what he never meant to do. Unfortunately, a 12-year-old boy named T.J. refuses to believe that it was all an accident, and in an attempt to "avenge" Carly's death, he kills Elias, saying "You can't kill a sister and just walk!" (SVU: "Baby Killer")

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