Carmen Vazquez
Name Carmen Vasquez
Occupation Housekeeper (former)
Pathology Murderer
Family Jimmy Vazquez (brother)
Status Imprisoned
Actor Elizabeth Rodriguez
First Appearance "Home Invasions"

Carmen Vazquez is a woman who (along with her brother) killed Emmy Eckhouse's parents to save her from being molested by her father.


Carmen had been a housekeeper for the Eckhouses and had become very close to Emmy but she was eventually fired by her parents. When Emmy told Carmen about how her father was molesting her they both tried to tell Emmy's mother Joann but she refused to do anything about it because she either didn't believe them or she was more concerned about the safety of the world than her own daughter. Emmy later told Carmen she was planning to commit suicide. Eventually Emmy formed a plan to have her parents killed and asked Carmen and her brother Jimmy Vazquez to carry it out, wanting to protect Emmy, Carmen and her brother agreed. Emmy also told them to write "Queers" on the wall to make it seem like a hate crime.

The night of the murders Carmen and Jimmy invaded the house and killed Joann and Sidney Eckhouse but Emmy wasn't at her boyfriend's house like she told them she would and was hurt during the killings. Eventually the SVU detectives learn that the murders were not really a hate crime and question Carmen about whether or not she knew about the incest. She tells the detectives that she did know about the rape, but also tells them that her love for Emmy is proof that she had nothing to do with Emmy being shot. When Jimmy reveals that he was the shooter Carmen try to protect Emmy by claiming she planned everything but the detectives figure out that Emmy was the one who planned everything. (SVU: "Home Invasions")