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Caroline Cresswell
Linnie Caroline
Name Caroline Cresswell
Title Linnie Malcolm
Pathology Alleged murderer
Status On probation
Actor Brenda Blethyn
First Appearance "Persona"

Caroline Cresswell, alias Linnie Malcolm, was a victim of domestic violence and rape. She killed her first husband in self-defense.


She recounts her story to Olivia Benson after fingerprints on the Latimers' telephone matches her prints. Her first husband, Vincent, a poet she met when she was 17 at an anti-war protest, viciously beat her on a regular basis. After one particular incident where he raped her repeatedly and then went to sleep (promising to give her more of what she "likes" in the morning if she was a "good girl"), Caroline shot him six times with a gun he had purchased. She intended to commit murder-suicide, until the "images" of his abuse left her mind. The neighbors called the police and a stunned Caroline was arrested. While in jail, she wrote a note to the District Attorney to work out a plea bargain, but during the negotiations, she sneaked out a bathroom window and fled.

Under the alias "Linnie Malcolm", she met her current husband Jonah in a diner in 1974, three weeks after her escape from jail. Before he took her in, she was sleeping in churches and stealing food to survive, even stealing a wallet at one point (which she is obviously sorry for). They eventually married, and bought an apartment on the Upper East side that accommodated Jonah's wheelchair. At some point, the Latimers moved in next door.


After Brent Latimer stabs Mia Latimer in a case of domestic violence, Benson yells for Caroline to call 911, leading to her fingerprints getting lifted from the phone. She is charged with the murder of Vincent Cresswell and escaping from prison. In court, she reveals that she only escaped to get an abortion; she couldn't bear the thought of her abuser's baby growing inside her, or having a baby in prison. She is found not guilty of the murder, and sentenced to time served and probation for the escape charge.

Known Victims Edit

  • 1974: Vincent Cresswell

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