Carolyn Spencer
Name Carolyn Spencer
Affiliation N.I.C.E.
Occupation Activist leader
Pathology Assailant
Family Danny Spencer (son)
Unnamed daughter
Status Unknown
Actor Dana Delany
First Appearance "Obscene"

Carolyn Spencer started a group called the N.I.C.E to bring clean entreatment. She greatly opposes both Jessie Dawning and B.J. Cameron to the point where she claimed the world would be better if Jessie never existed and after her son was sent to prison for her rape, she shoots B.J.

After Jessie is found raped in her trailer the detectives turn to an organization lead by Carolyn Spencer who protested Jessie's show. The case takes a twist when it is revealed that Carolyn's son, Danny, is responsible for raping Jessie (while attempting to steal a pair of her underwear) and Danny claims that B.J. drove him to it.

Danny, under the influence of his mother, refuses to take a plea agreement. However, after being confronted by his victim, he starts feeling remorse for what he did, relents, and accepts the plea deal of one to three years in prison. However, his mother shoots B.J. non-fatally, claiming it was for influencing her son and to prevent him from doing it again. She then goes on trial for attempted second-degree murder. Danny refuses to testify until he learns that his mother staged the attempted murder as a publicity stunt for her cause. The jury deadlocks six to six and a mistrial is declared.