Cedric Jones
Name Cedric Jones
Affiliation Georgia Tech
Occupation Student
Football player (former)
Pathology Assailant
Family Unnamed mother
Larry Jones (uncle)
Status Alive
Actor Winston Duke
First Appearance Gridiron Soldier

Cedric Jones is a high school football star and a victim of rape by deception.

History Edit

After graduating high school, Jones committed to a collage called Georgia Tech but decided to visit Hudson University during a recruitment week to see New York City. When he leaves the airport, he is greeted by coach Bill Becker who introduces him to two cheerleaders named Zoe and Tanya, who serve as his hostess. When they get to his hotel, Jones has a threesome with Zoe and Tanya, he then tells them that he only came to see New York and that he committed to Georgia Tech but they still tried to persuade him. Later during a recruitment dinner, Becker again tries to convince Jones to singe on with Hudson but Jones tells him that the school is far from home and that his family worries about him.

Becker then introduces Jones to other members of the football team and asks them to give him a tour of the school. When they get to the weight room, Jones becomes excited and wants to exercise but Zoe and Tanya come out and the team gives Jones the impression that he is going to have sex with them. Zoe puts a blindfold on Jones and he gets oral sex but when they take the blindfold of Jones learns that he actually got oral from a gay male cheerleader, much to his humiliation and trauma. Jones then leaves the party and asks a Hudson cab driver to take him to a sports bar. The cab driver takes Jones to a gay bar but because he grew up in a small town, Jones was unable to tell and went inside to drink and watch hockey.

In the bar, a homosexual tried to make out with Jones and as a result, he goes into a blind rage, beats the man and runs out the bar. The police who responded tased Jones and arrested him for assault. When he missed his flight his uncle Larry Jones goes to New York and asks Amanda Rollins to find Jones. When Rollins finds Jones in prison he asks her to not tell his family he was arrested and is brought to the 16th precinct. When Sargent Olivia Benson and Nick Amaro question Jones, they tell him that that the bar he was in was a gay bar, much to his surprise.

When Amaro tells him that he is facing charges for assault and maybe a hate crime Jones maintains that he does not hate, when they ask what happened at Hudson Jones asks for an attorney. When the detectives discover what happened to him at Hudson, Amaro and Odafin Tutuola ask Jones about the assault but he would't speak about it, when Amaro puts his arm on his shoulder, Jones pushes him away, gets angry and then breaks down crying. At arraignment Jones attorney asks that the charge be dismissed due to his state of mind at the time of the assault but after dropping the hate crime charge A.D.A. Rose Callier refused to dismiss the charge and bail was set at $20,000 which Jones tells his attorney he can't pay because his family is counting on him to get drafted.

His uncle Larry visits him in prison and they pray together, leaving Jones feeling optimistic but when Tanya visits him, she tells Jones that they have a video of his assault and she tells him that if he press charges against them, they will put the video on the internet, after which Jones tried to hang himself. He survived the attempted suicide but his neck was broken, when Rollins tries to question Jones about Tanya, he initially refused to talk about it and tells her about the video but Rollins tells him that they will make sure the video does not get out, Jones then tearfully tells her that the doctor said that because his neck was broken he could no longer play football and that he wished he had died.

The next day Jones apologizes to the man he assaulted and when he hears from Callier about what happened to Jones, the man dropped the charges because he believed Jones had suffered enough. Eventually, Coach Becker pleads guilty to multiple counts of arranging sexual assault and the members of the football team and the cheerleaders who sexually assaulted Jones, except for Eddie Thorpe who was also raped, are also convicted of raping him and several other players. Jones and his uncle then head back to Georgia. (SVU: "Gridiron Soldier")

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