Cesar Pescador
Name Cesar Pescador
Occupation Restaurant cook
Pathology Mass murderer
Status Imprisoned
Actor Luis Guzman
First Appearance Heaven

Cesar Pescador was a cook at a Chinese restaurant and a suspect in the burning of El Cielo, a club for Central-American immigrants, resulting in 53 deaths.


After Pescador was arrested, the court ordered his right leg be cut open to remove a melted piece of a windshield wiper reservoir (which was used to set the fire) that was embedded in it.

Following the operation, Pescador explained that his actions were only under the orders of con artist Domingo Guerra, an immigrant of Cuba, who owned a club of his own: The Del Mundo.

After testifying against Guerra and his accomplice James Collins, Pescador was sentenced to 15 years in an undisclosed prison for the arson, whilst Collins and Guerra were each sentenced to 25 years to life imprisonment for the murders. (L&O: "Heaven")

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