Cesar Velez
Name Cesar Velez
Title Kingpin
Affiliation Velez Cartel
Occupation Drug trafficker
Pathology Double murderer
Serial proxy killer
Status Deceased
First Appearance "Loss" (photograph only)
Last Appearance "Ghost" (photograph only)

Cesar Velez was a greatly feared drug lord operating out of Medellín, Colombia.


The American Drug Enforcement Administration has spent years trying to take him down, but to little avail - the few witnesses they manage to convince or coerce into testifying all end up unexpectedly dead. Extremely rich and extremely powerful, it was believed that he had eyes in every major police outfit in North and South America.

On SVUEdit

In 2003, Rafael Zapata, the head of his operations in New York City, came under increased scrutiny when he raped and murdered undercover DEA Agent Livia Sandoval (alias Livia Tellez), who had been posing as his girlfriend, Livia Tellez. As the Special Victims Unit attempted to investigate the incident and prosecute Zapata, Zapata had DEA Agent Tim Donovan murdered to prevent the SVU from getting testimony that it needed in order to prove that he murdered Sandoval. They also set up a drive-by shooting that was intended to kill Assistant District Attorney Alexandra Cabot; Cabot survived, but was sent into witness protection in order to make the cartel believe that she had died. Zapata was eventually found dead (cause unspecified) in a holding cell. (SVU: "Loss")

In 2004, Velez entrusted his money to the Brevets so they could clear his money after being introduced to them by the Montoyas. Velez later learned that the Brevets were running a pyramid scheme and sent the same hit man he sent to shoot Alex Cabot, Liam Connors, to eliminate everyone involved in the scam. Connors killed the Brevets and Montoyas, retrieved Velez's money, and left one witness alive: Antonio Montoya. As the Special Victims Unit investigated the murders as they occurred, they realized Connors' connection to Velez and had Connors arrested for the murders. With Antonio and Alex's testimonies, Connors was convicted of all charges. (SVU: "Ghost")

It is later revealed that Velez had eventually been convicted, extradited, and later died during his prison sentence. (SVU: "Lead")

Known VictimsEdit

  • Unspecified dates:
    • Presumably killed numerous unnamed people, either personally or under his orders
    • Unnamed judge (murdered)
    • Unnamed CIA informant (murdered)
    • 24 unnamed victims (ordered their hits; murdered by Connors)
    • Unnamed DEA agent (ordered his hit; blown up with a bomb by Connors)
  • 2003:
    • September 24: DEA Agent Tim Donovan (ordered his hit; blown up with a car bomb by Zapata)
    • September 29: ADA Alexandra Cabot (ordered her hit; shot in a drive-by by Connors; survived)
  • 2005:
    • January 9: Elena Brevet (ordered her hit; raped, beaten, stabbed 17 times in the torso and breasts, and throat slashed by Connors)
    • January 10:
      • Jason Brevet (ordered his hit; bashed over the head, tortured by stabbing, and slashed his throat by Connors)
      • The Montoyas (ordered their hits; all shot once in the head by Connors)
        • Sergio Montoya
        • Mrs. Montoya
        • Antonio Montoya (survived; later almost shot in a drive-by during a hit placed by Velez)


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