Chase Academy was a private school for troubled children, typically from rich families. It was located in Adler Township, New York.

Children were sent there by their families to address behavioral problems or other issues. Its former students described their time there in less than flattering terms, even describing the employees there as "sadists".

Former students included numerous Kennedy cousins, George Tate, and Sylvie Clark.

It was closed down by the State of New York at an unspecified time prior to 2001.

Former student and writer Ilana Yushka was preparing to write a tell-all book about her time at Chase prior to her murder by another former student, Kenneth Strick. (CI: Maledictus)

Chase Academy was likely based on the Elan School in Maine, where convicted murderer and Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel went to school and told other students of his murder of Martha Moxley in the 1970's.

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