L&O, Episode 19.08
Production number: 190--
First aired: 7 January 2009
  th of 456 produced in L&O  
th of 456 released in L&O
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Written By
William N. Fordes & Matthew McGough

Directed By
Jim McKay

Plot Edit


While investigating the deaths of two married divorce lawyers, Detectives Lupo and Bernard uncover a connection to couple running a Haitian child slavery ring.

Cast Edit

Main cast Edit

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References Edit

Haiti; Bellamy & Bellamy The opening scenes of this episode appear to be ripped from the headlines of the Mark Schwartz and Christina-Maria Petrowski-Schwartz murder case. The married couple, both lawyers, were found shot to death in their Marine Park home in July 2008. At the time this episode aired, the crime remained unsolved. The episode may also be partially "ripped from the headlines" of Marie and Willie Pompee who smuggled a Haitian girl into the United States as a "restavek."

Quotes Edit


  • .A. Jack McCoy: Eight and a half million, that's how many children are sold into slavery each year.
  • Lt. Anita Van Buren: Well this plantation has closed.

  • Executive A.D.A. Michael Cutter: Jack, meet the Johnsons. Among other things they're being charged with murder.
  • Detective Cyrus Lupo: [to the Johnsons] Let's go say hi to some of your friends.

[takes them to a cell]

  • Detective Kevin Bernard: [to a Haitian girl] Come on sweetheart, it's alright, your working days are over.

  • Michael Cutter: (referring to the Johnsons.) I wanna rip these people a new one.
  • Anita van Buren: Take a number, counselor.
  • Anita van Buren: The State Department said they'll pressure the Haitians to keep looking for the girl.
  • Cyrus Lupo: Good luck. That place could swallow this whole squad without breaking a sweat.
  • Kevin Bernard: We'll call Rubirosa for a subpoena.
  • Cyrus Lupo: Well, actually, in law school, that's what we call not such a good idea.
  • Liz Bellamy: If we're wrong, we could get disbarred.
  • Fred Bellamy: Like the world can't spare two lawyers?
  • Cyrus Lupo: (to Bernard) Lovable divorce lawyers. It's like killing an endangered species.

Background information and notes Edit

Background information and notesThis episode marks three rare situations-

1) the district attorney (Jack McCoy) appears in court, 2) the district attorney (Jack McCoy) shares a scene with one or more cops (Anita van Buren and Kevin Bernard), and 3) the district attorney (Jack McCoy) shares a scene with the accused (the handful of parents). [edit] When the two policemen go to the Bellamy's law office, the introductory screen first shows: "LAW OFFICES OF BELLAMY & BELLAMY" then jumps to : "LAW OFFICES OF THE BELLAMY'S" while fading out. [

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