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Cheryl Avery
Name Cheryl Avery
Pathology Murderer
Status Hospitalized
Actor Katherine Moennig
First Appearance Fallacy

Cheryl Avery, born Charles Avery, is a transgender girl, meaning she was born a male, but identifies as female. She had a boyfriend named Eddie, whose brother Joe knew that Cheryl's a transgender. Joe wanted to tell Eddie, but Cheryl intentionally hit Joe in the head from behind with a vase, causing him to fall unconscious and bleeding. He died at hospital. Cheryl never meant to kill him and lied to the police about injuring Joe in self-defense. The police realized that Cheryl didn't use self-defense to injure Joe, and that she assaulted him when he tried to leave. Alex initially gave a plea bargain for Cheryl, but she was sentenced to a prison for men. Cheryl refused to stop taking hormones to remain as a girl and didn't accept protective custody, so Alex took away Cheryl's plea bargain. At the end of the trial, Cheryl was found guilty and sentenced to a prison for males at Riker's Island. It was reported later that Cheryl was gang-raped at Riker's Island and rushed to a hospital. (SVU: "Fallacy")

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