Chesley Purcell
Name Chesley Purcell
Affiliation Walter Boyce
Pathology Serial killer
Repeat offender
Family Leon Purcell (cousin)
Status Deceased
Actor Delissa Reynolds
First Appearance "Sideshow"

Chesley Purcell was a repeat offender, hitwoman, and a prime suspect in ten nationwide murders, including that of of Janine McBride in New York City, and the assault of a police officer.


Purcell was offered a deal to serve 20 years in prison for the murder to avoid the death penalty, but she declined.

Just as she was about to be escorted back to Washington, D.C. as a witness in another case, she was shot to death by Ned Burks, another suspect in McBride's murder.

It is later revealed she was contracted out for the hit through Walter Boyce at Theodore Dawkins' request. She was hired to kill McBride to cover up allegations of sex discrimination, sexual harassment and political favors that led to Dawkins, who worked for the White House.

Known VictimsEdit

  • Unknown dates and locations:
    • Three unnamed people
    • Four unnamed people (all killed on Walter Boyce's orders)
  • 1994, Prince George's County, Maryland: Two unnamed Nigerians
  • 1999, New York County, New York: Janine McBride (suffocated)

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