Chesley Watkins
Chesley Watkins
Name Chesley Watkins
Occupation Foster mother
Pathology Serial proxy murderer
Proxy robber
Family Kenneth Watkins (husband; deceased)
Antonio Mattini (foster son; deceased)
James "Jimbo" Duncan (foster son)
Carlos Espilla (foster son)
Floyd Bolton (foster son; deceased)
Bone Tarkman (foster son; deceased)
Status Unknown
Actor Whoopi Goldberg
First Appearance "To the Bone"

Chelsey Watkins is a foster mother who manipulated her former children to carry out robberies and murders on her behalf.


She was a foster mother, having taken care of several children over the years. She began fostering to compensate for Kenneth Watkins, her ailing husband and continued after he died. She would only take care of boys as she believed boys listened to their mothers. Over the years she began losing foster children due to restrictions and began losing the money that came with that. She eventually gathered four of her foster children and convinced them to rob houses and kill the occupants using machetes. When Antonio's DNA was found at the scene she went to the police station and stole Officer Bone Tarkman's confidential phone number and sent him to "save" Antonio while planning to have the rest of her foster children kill them both. When only Tarkman ends up dead she convinces Antonio to turn himself in and later has foster children incarcerated kill him before he can talk. They later arrest everyone else involved and trick Floyd into confessing to the crimes. Detective Mike Logan tries to get a confession out of Chelsey but she asks for a lawyer and is arraigned. When Floyd commits suicide her lawyer files a motion to dismiss. (CI: "To the Bone")

Known VictimsEdit

  • The De Pinna home invasion (four fatalities; slashed to death with machetes by Antonio Mattini, James Duncan, Carlos Espilla and Floyd Bolton)
    • Susu De Pinna
    • Ellis De Pinna
    • Tina De Pinna
    • Lucas De Pinna (tortured with cigarettes and chopped his fingers off)
  • The Khan home invasion (four fatalities; slashed to death with machetes by Antonio Mattini, James Duncan, Carlos Espilla and Floyd Bolton)
    • Mr. Khan
    • Mrs. Khan
    • Rabinth's sister
    • Rabinth Robbie Khan (sodomized by Antonio with the end of a tennis racket)
  • Officer Bone Tarkman (shot once in the chest by Mike Logan after instructing James Bolton, Floyd Duncan and Carlos Espilla to kill him and Antonio Mattini)
  • Antonio Mattini (stabbed seven times in the chest)

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