Chet Sulloway
WIN 20140731 163841
Name Chet Sulloway
Occupation Bartender
Pathology Double murderer
Family Unnamed mother (deceased)
Birdie Sulloway (adoptive mother; deceased)
Status Imprisoned
Actor Matthew Lillard
First Appearance "Ballerina"

Chet Sulloway is the nephew of Birdie and Marv Sulloway.


He was accused of killing Marv when the latter fell from a their apartment window. He explains to Detective Benson what happened, saying they were arguing because Marv was collecting money and documents with the intention of leaving Birdie. He also tells him how Birdie was the person who killed Marv, not him.

He and Birdie also had a very intimate relationship, having had sex a few times. He and Birdie later get estranged when she helps the police extract a confession from him to killing some of Birdie's husbands on her orders. (SVU: "Ballerina")

Known VictimsEdit

  • Raymond Araya (Birdie's second husband; pushed down a flight of stairs)
  • Walter Bostaph (Birdie's fourth husband; died in a car accident after he cut the brakes to his car)
  • Marv Sulloway (Birdie's fifth husband; drugged by spiking his drink; was killed by Birdie)

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