Chicago P.D.


Format Crime Drama
Police procedural
Picture Format 480i (SDTV),
1080i (HDTV)
Running Time 40–45 minutes
Created by Dick Wolf
Matt Olmstead
Developed by Michael Brandt
Derek Haas
Starring See below
Narrated By Steven Zirnkilton
Opening Theme
Country of origin United States
Language English
Original channel NBC
Original run 8 January 2014
No. of seasons 5
No. of episodes 106
(As of present)
List of episodes See below
IMDB profile Chicago P.D. summary Chicago P.D.
related shows Law & Order franchise
"District 21 of the Chicago Police Department is made up of two distinctly different groups. There are the uniformed cops who patrol the beat and go head to head with the city's street crimes. And there's the Intelligence Unit, the team that combats the city's major offenses - organized crime, drug trafficking, high profile murders and beyond. These are their stories."

Chicago P.D. is an American crime drama television series created by Dick Wolf and Matt Olmstead as the first spin-off from Chicago Fire and the second installment of Dick Wolf’s Chicago Franchise. The series premiered on NBC as a mid-season replacement on January 8, 2014. The show follows the uniformed patrol officers and the Intelligence Unit of the 21st District of the Chicago Police Department as they pursue the perpetrators of the city's major street offenses.

Spin-Offs & Crossovers


In the Chicago P.D. episode "Justice", the character Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati) is on the hot seat after she shoots a suspect in self-defense, only for there to be no gun found at the scene and the victim is revealed to be a 17-year-old honor student who might now be paralyzed. This episode is meant to be the the starting point for a spin-off called Chicago Justice. Assistant State Attorney Peter Stone (guest star Philip Winchester), the same man who sent Voight (Jason Beghe) to prison, has been assigned to help defend Burgess and conduct his own investigation under the supervision of State Attorney Mark Jefferies (guest star Carl Weathers).

Stone and his team need to collect enough evidence to indict the teen and clear Burgess, but must tread with caution on this high profile case as tensions run high. Also featured is Shambala Green (Lorraine Toussaint), who was first made famous on the original Law & Order in the early 90’s.

Crossovers (two-parters)

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit has produced two crossover two-parters with Chicago P.D.. A case would begin with Law & Order: Special Victims Unit in New York City for Part One, before moving the action to Chicago for Part Two.

SVU: "Comic Perversion" season fifteen, Episode 15, & Chicago P.D.: "Conventions" season 1, episode 6

SVU agents Fin and Rollins pay a visit to Chicago to help The Intelligence Unit track down a serial rapist/murderer.

SVU: "Nationwide Manhunt" season seventeen, episode 14, & Chicago P.D.: "The Song of Gregory Williams Yates" season 3, episode 14

After escaping from an upstate New York prison, Gregory Yates sets his sights on Chicago.

Crossovers (three-parters)

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit also produced two crossover three-parters with Chicago P.D. and its parent show Chicago Fire. A case would begin with Chicago Fire in Chicago for Part One, before either moving the action to New York for Part Two and back to Chicago for Part Three or continue the action from Chicago in Part Two and move the action to New York in Part Three.

Chicago Fire: "Nobody Touches Anything" season 3, episode 7, SVU: "Chicago Crossover" season sixteen, episode 7, & Chicago P.D.: "They'll Have to Go Through Me" season 2, episode 7

Firehouse 51 rescue the owner of a burning house and find him clutching a suspicious box that leads Severide to call in the Chicago Intelligence Unit, who track a child pornography victim to New York and return to Chicago with SVU to take down a pedophile ring.

Chicago Fire: "We Called Her Jellybean" season 3, episode 21, Chicago P.D.: "The Number of Rats" season 2, episode 20, and SVU: "Daydream Believer" season sixteen, episode 20

An apartment fire in Chicago connected to a case of rape and attempted murder resembles an unsolved case in New York that brings SVU and Intelligence together to catch the culprit.

Although not present in "Say Her Real Name", Sergeant Olivia Benson sends Sergeant Hank Voight a bottle of wine as a thank you for their time working together to take down a pedophile ring in one of the crossovers.


Main Cast and Characters

Image Actor Character Crossover Appearances Seasons
Jason Beghe Sergeant
Hank Voight
Law & Order: SVU:
16.07 Chicago Crossover
16.20 Daydream Believer
17.14 Nationwide Manhunt
Chicago Fire:
15 episodes
Chicago Med:
1 episode
Chicago Justice:
3 episodes
Seasons 1-present
Jon Seda Detective
Antonio Dawson
Law & Order: SVU:
17.14 Nationwide Manhunt
Chicago Fire:
38 episodes
Seasons 1-present
Jesse Lee Soffer Detective
Jay Halstead
Law & Order: SVU:
16.07 Chicago Crossover
16.20 Daydream Believer
Chicago Fire:
13 episodes
Chicago Med:
16 episodes
Seasons 1-present
Tracy Spiridakos Detective
Hailey Upton
Chicago Fire:
1 episode
Seasons 5-present
(Recurring Season 4)
Patrick John Flueger Officer
Adam Ruzek
Chicago Fire:
6 episodes
Seasons 1-present
Marina Squerciati Officer
Kim Burgess
Law & Order: SVU:
16.20 Daydream Believer
Chicago Fire:
16 episodes
Chicago Med:
2 episodes
Chicago Justice:
1 episode
Seasons 1-present
LaRoyce Hawkins Officer
Kevin Atwater
Chicago Fire:
9 episodes
Chicago Justice:
2 episodes
Seasons 1-present
Amy Morton Desk Sergeant
Trudy Platt
Chicago Fire:
21 episodes
Chicago Med:
1 episode
Chicago Justice:
1 episode
Seasons 2-present
(Recurring Season 1)

Previous Cast and Characters

Image Actor Character Crossover Appearances Seasons
Archie Kao Detective
Sheldon Jin
Season 1
Brian Geraghty Officer
Sean Roman
Law & Order: SVU:
16.20 Daydream Believer
Chicago Fire:
8 episodes
Chicago Med:
3 episodes
Seasons 2-3
Sophia Bush Detective
Erin Lindsay
Law & Order: SVU:
15.15 Comic Perversion
16.07 Chicago Crossover
16.20 Daydream Believer
17.14 Nationwide Manhunt
Chicago Fire:
11 episodes
Chicago Med:
6 episodes
Chicago Justice:
1 episode
Seasons 1-4
Elias Koteas Detective
Alvin Olinsky
Chicago Fire:
4 episodes
Chicago Med:
3 episodes
Chicago Justice:
1 episode
Seasons 1-5

Crossover Guest Stars

Image Actor Character Episodes
Mariska Hargitay Sergeant/Lieutenant
Olivia Benson
2.07 They'll Have to Go Through Me
2.20 The Number of Rats
3.14 The Song of Gregory Williams Yates
Danny Pino Detective
Nick Amaro
2.07 They'll Have to Go Through Me
2.20 The Number of Rats
Kelli Giddish Detective
Amanda Rollins
1.06 Conventions
2.07 They'll Have to Go Through Me
Ice-T Detective
Odafin "Fin" Tutuola
1.06 Conventions
2.20 The Number of Rats
3.14 The Song of Gregory Williams Yates
Peter Scanavino Detective
Dominick Carisi, Jr.
2.20 The Number of Rats

Recurring Guest Stars

Main article: Chicago P.D. Guest Stars


Season 1

Image Episode Sypnosis Original Airdate
Cp11 1.01 (#1)
Stepping Stone
The Intelligence Unit investigates a string of murders linked to a Columbian drug gang. January 8, 2014
Cp12 1.02 (#2)
Wrong Side of the Bars
The entire unit focuses to find Antonio's kidnapped son. January 15, 2014
Cp13 1.03 (#3)
Chin Check
After discovery of large amounts of cop killer' ammo, The Intelligence Unit is in a quest to find the source. January 22, 2014
Cp14 1.04 (#4)
Now Is Always Temporary
The Intelligence Unit is in hot pursuit of a counterfeiting ring as Atwater and Burgess come across something unexpected in a hoarder's house. January 29, 2014
Cp15 1.05 (#5)
Thirty Balloons
Time is of the essence as the team tries to track down drug mules before they burst. February 5, 2014
Cp16 1.06 (#6)
SVU agents Fin and Rollins pay a visit to Chicago to help The Intelligence Unit track down a serial rapist/murderer. February 26, 2014
Cp17 1.07 (#7)
The Price We Pay
Tension between Voight and Antonio builds as Internal Affairs digs into a murder case which potentially involves Voights son. March 5, 2014
Cp18 1.08 (#8)
Different Mistakes
Internal Affairs decides to shake things up with Voight as he's also forced to work with a former partner during an investigation. March 12, 2014
Cp19 1.09 (#9)
A Material Witness
A case close to home when The Intelligence Unit takes on a gang shooting with one living witness, Olinsky's daughter. March 19, 2014
Cp110 1.10 (#10)
At Least It's Justice
Halstead is in hot water, his job in jeopardy as Intelligence investigates the murder of a doctor who helped jail many heavy hitters. April 2, 2014
Cp111 1.11 (#11)
Turn the Light Off
The Intelligence Unit works a case where millions of dollars are missing, men murdered and two dueling gangs are suspect. April 9, 2014
Cp112 1.12 (#12)
8:30 PM
The Intelligence Unit races against the clock to take down those responsible for the bombing. April 30, 2014
Cp113 1.13 (#13)
My Way
A dangerous cartel leader is at large and Intelligence has to rely on Pulpo to track him down. May 7, 2014
Cp114 1.14 (#14)
The Docks
The men and women of District 21 confront past demons and look to the future as the manhunt for Pulpo unfolds. May 14, 2014
Cp115 1.15 (#15)
A Beautiful Friendship
The Intelligence Unit is truly family. May 21, 2014

Season 2

Image Episode Sypnosis Original Airdate
Cp21 2.01 (#16)
Call It Macaroni
Intelligence is thrown when an undercover job turns into a manhunt for two brothers. Voight is under scrutiny as Jin's murder investigation transpires. September 24, 2014
Cp22 2.02 (#17)
Get My Cigarettes
A string of identical murders becomes personal when Voight's friend falls victim to the gunman. October 1, 2014
Cp23 2.03 (#18)
The Weigh Station
With Bembenek behind bars, Intelligence learns that it's not just Halstead in harm's way. October 8, 2014
Cp24 2.04 (#19)
Chicken, Dynamite, Chainsaw
A clue leading Intelligence to the whereabouts of missing teenage girls comes from an unlikely source close to the victim. October 15, 2014
Cp25 2.05 (#20)
An Honest Woman
Intelligence fights for one of their own when Voight is beaten and kidnapped. October 22, 2014
Cp26 2.06 (#21)
Prison Ball
Ruzek and Atwater go undercover as inmates after a 10-year-old girl is murdered. November 5, 2014
Cp27 2.07 (#22)
They'll Have to Go Through Me
SVU Detectives travel to Chicago to help Intelligence take down a pedophilia ring at its source. November 12, 2014
Cp28 2.08 (#23)
Assignment of the Year
Intelligence works the case of a wealthy diamond dealer gunned down on Antonio's watch. November 19, 2014
Cp29 2.09 (#24)
Called In Dead
A major heroin bust puts Olinsky's family in danger. Lindsay makes a life changing career decision. December 10, 2014
Cp210 2.10 (#25)
Shouldn't Have Been Alone
A routine check on a potential terrorist threat puts Burgess in the hospital and Intelligence on the case of a well-planned series of related crimes. January 7, 2015
Cp211 2.11 (#26)
We Don't Work Together Anymore
Intelligence comes to the aid of the Feds in an operation to take down a drug cartel at its source. January 14, 2015
Cp212 2.12 (#27)
Disco Bob
Intelligence is forced to sort through a complicated web of clues surrounding the murder of a mother and her daughter. January 21, 2015
Cp213 2.13 (#28)
A Little Devil Complex
Firehouse 51 enlists Intelligence to help corner the arsonist they believe killed Shay. February 4, 2015
Cp214 2.14 (#29)
Erin's Mom
Lindsay's mother becomes involved in a gruesome robbery-murder case. February 11, 2015
Cp215 2.15 (#30)
What Do You Do
Burgess and Roman tackle a dangerous smuggling operation with no means to defend themselves or call for help. February 18, 2015
Cp216 2.16 (#31)
What Puts You on That Ledge
Antonio heads undercover with a dangerous robbery crew after a Narcotics Officer goes missing. February 25, 2015
Cp217 2.17 (#32)
Say Her Real Name
Intelligence goes off the books while investigating the death of a young activist. March 25, 2015
Cp218 2.18 (#33)
Get Back to Even
Voight has suspicious ties with a missing teenager involved in a drug robbery gone wrong. April 1, 2015
Cp219 2.19 (#34)
The Three G's
The search is on for one of Chicago's most wanted fugitives after several dead teenage girls are found in a Chinatown factory. April 8, 2015
Cp220 2.20 (#35)
The Number of Rats
SVU Detectives join Chicago Intelligence to connect a case in Chicago to an unsolved case about rape and murder from New York a decade prior. April 29, 2015
Cp221 2.21 (#36)
There's My Girl
Intelligence investigates the bombing of a trendy café and the district pays tribute to one of their own. May 6, 2015
Cp222 2.22 (#37)
Push the Pain Away
A mass shooting sends Intelligence racing to stop a group of highly motivated killers from striking again. May 13, 2015
Cp223 2.23 (#38)
Born Into Bad News
Intelligence comes to the aid of Commander Perry's nephew after he gets involved with a corrupt Narcotics Unit. May 20, 2015

Season 3

Image Episode Sypnosis Original Airdate
Cp31 3.01 (#39)
Life Is Fluid
A familiar face steps in when an Intelligence Detective is abducted by a heroin kingpin. September 30, 2015
Cp32 3.02 (#40)
Natural Born Storyteller
The death of an eight-year-old boy sets off an investigation full of unlikely twists and turns. October 7, 2015
Cp33 3.03 (#41)
Actual Physical Violence
A member of the team is held hostage by a man desperate to find his missing daughter. October 14, 2015
Cp34 3.04 (#42)
Debts of the Past
Voight and Olinsky must revisit their past in order to stop an ex-con targeting cops for revenge. October 21, 2015
Cp35 3.05 (#43)
Climbing Into Bed
Ruzek's future is on the line when an off-the-books undercover mission goes south. October 28, 2015
Cp36 3.06 (#44)
You Never Know Who's Who
The discovery of a dead body jumpstarts an investigation into operatives who believe they are part of a covert CIA operation. October 28, 2015
Cp37 3.07 (#45)
A Dead Kid, a Notebook and a Lot of Maybes
The death of a teenaged boy exposes corruption behind the walls of an affluent school. November 4, 2015
Cp38 3.08 (#46)
Forget My Name
An investigation is launched when the team discovers the body of a government official. November 11, 2015
Cp39 3.09 (#47)
Never Forget I Love You
The investigation into a dead body found at the bottom of Lake Michigan points to Voight's social circle. November 18, 2015
Cp310 3.10 (#48)
Now I'm God
An investigation becomes personal for Voight when an acquaintance from his past is caught putting others lives in danger. January 6, 2016
Cp311 3.11 (#49)
Knocked the Family Right Out
The team investigates a string of violent home invasions to find the common threat. January 13, 2016
Cp312 3.12 (#50)
Looking Out for Stateville
Voight entrusts his former cellmate to help Intelligence take down a cocaine kingpin. January 20, 2016
Cp313 3.13 (#51)
Hit Me
The search for an Officer attacking and robbing casino-goers exposes corruption inside the CPD. February 3, 2016
Cp314 3.14 (#52)
The Song of Gregory Williams Yates
After escaping from an upstate New York prison, Gregory Yates sets his sights on Chicago. February 10, 2016
Cp315 3.15 (#53)
A Night Owl
Burgess busts a mild-mannered college professor smuggling heroin to Canada. February 17, 2016
Cp316 3.16 (#54)
The Cases That Need to Be Solved
The murder of a young boy rocks the community and becomes top priority for the CPD. February 24, 2016
Cp317 3.17 (#55)
Forty-Caliber Bread Crumb
Intelligence becomes embroiled in a violent robbery case that put Halstead in the line of fire. March 2, 2016
Cp318 3.18 (#56)
Kasual with a K
The team finds themselves looking into a kidnapping at a hidden shelter for women. March 23, 2016
Cp319 3.19 (#57)
If We Were Normal
Intelligence attempts to expose a man kidnapping wayward young women. March 30, 2016
Cp320 3.20 (#58)
In a Duffel Bag
An investigation is launched after an abandoned newborn baby is found by the lakefront. May 4, 2016
Cp321 3.21 (#59)
Burgess is on trial after shooting an unidentified man who she believes shot her partner. May 11, 2016
Cp322 3.22 (#60)
She's Got Us
The team looks into a pyramid scheme operation that may be linked to a brutal murder. May 18, 2016
Cp323 3.23 (#61)
Start Digging
A case turns personal for Intelligence when Voight's son is connected to a murder investigation. May 25, 2016

Season 4

Image Episode Sypnosis Original Airdate
Cp41 4.01 (#62)
The Silos
The aftermath of Justin's death hangs heavy over Voight and Lindsay as Intelligence investigates a murder arson case. September 21, 2016
Cp42 4.02 (#63)
Made a Wrong Turn
Intelligence searches for a missing woman who disappeared from the most dangerous neighborhood in District 21. September 28, 2016
Cp43 4.03 (#64)
All Cylinders Firing
Platt and her father become the targets of a brutal assailant. October 5, 2016
Cp44 4.04 (#65)
Big Friends, Big Enemies
A shooting outside of a concert leads to a tangled web of gang related violence. October 12, 2016
Cp45 4.05 (#66)
A War Zone
After the body of a college student and a backpack filled with deadly fentanyl wash up in the lake, Intelligence is under pressure to uncover the source of the deadly drug operation. October 26, 2016
Cp46 4.06 (#67)
Some Friend
A teenage girl is found dead inside the home of a famous baseball player and friend of Olinsky. November 9, 2016
Cp47 4.07 (#68)
The only eyewitness in a timely case against a suspected serial rapist is found murdered. November 16, 2016
Cp48 4.08 (#69)
A Shot Heard Round the World
A highly trained killer wages war against the Chicago Police Department. November 16, 2016
Cp49 4.09 (#70)
Don't Bury This Case
Kelly Severide of Firehouse 51 is at the center of a vehicular manslaughter case. January 3, 2017
Cp410 4.10 (#71)
Don't Read the News
When a young woman's body is found, similar characteristics from past cases confirm that Chicago P.D. Has a serial killer on their hands. January 4, 2017
Cp411 4.11 (#72)
You Wish
Intelligence investigates the actions of a Private Police Force operating independently of the CPD. January 11, 2017
Cp412 4.12 (#73)
An investigation is blocked by a church offering sanctuary to the primary suspects. January 18, 2017
Cp413 4.13 (#74)
I Remember Her Now
Halstead goes undercover at a corrupt treatment center for troubled young girls. February 8, 2017
Cp414 4.14 (#75)
Seven Indictments
Intelligence investigates a home explosion with no witnesses and a victim burned beyond recognition. February 15, 2017
Cp415 4.15 (#76)
Favor, Affection, Malice Or Ill-Will
When a desperate father comes looking for a hitman to take care of his daughter's murderer, her case is re opened by the Intelligence team. February 22, 2017
Cp416 4.16 (#77)
Emotional Proximity
After a deadly warehouse fire that left Olinsky's daughter fighting for her life, Intelligence mobilizes to find the arsonist. March 1, 2017
Cp417 4.17 (#78)
Remember the Devil
A hiker leads Intelligence to a young woman being held captive in the woods outside Chicago. March 22, 2017
Cp418 4.18 (#79)
Little Bit of Light
The death of a notorious crime videographer unearths the wrongdoings of a wealthy family. March 29, 2017
Cp419 4.19 (#80)
Last Minute Resistance
Burgess's sister is the victim of a brutal sexual assault. April 5, 2017
Cp420 4.20 (#81)
Grasping for Salvation
A recovered murder weapon challenges the conviction of a 17-year-old murder case. April 26, 2017
Cp421 4.21 (#82)
Intelligence investigates a string of armed bank robberies leading them to a surprising crew of suspects. May 3, 2017
Cp422 4.22 (#83)
Army of One
Intelligence hunts a vigilante who is torturing and murdering pedophiles. May 10, 2017
Cp423 4.23 (#84)
Fork in the Road
Lindsay must navigate around CPD politics when her mother is implicated in a murder case. May 17, 2017

Season 5

Image Episode Sypnosis Original Airdate
Cp51 5.01 (#85)
When a young bystander is shot during a difficult operation, the top brass question Halstead's involvement. September 27, 2017
Cp52 5.02 (#86)
The Thing About Heroes
A Chicago police officer becomes a suspect in a deadly terrorist attack. October 4, 2017
Cp53 5.03 (#87)
An investigation into the murder of an illegal immigrant is plagued with roadblocks as Intelligence contends with the perception of the Police among the city's immigrant population. October 11, 2017
Cp54 5.04 (#88)
A series of murders hits close to home for Atwater. October 18, 2017
Cp55 5.05 (#89)
A smuggling ring preys on foreign adoptees. October 25, 2017
Cp56 5.06 (#90)
Upton must work with a vice cop she dislikes to help intelligence crack a drug related murder. November 8, 2017
Cp57 5.07 (#91)
Care Under Fire
Halstead goes undercover to stop an ex-military kidnapping crew from killing an innocent child. November 15, 2017
Cp58 5.08 (#92)
Intelligence investigates a twisted case involving a Congressman caught with a dead girl. November 29, 2017
Cp59 5.09 (#93)
Intelligence works to take down an opioid ring after the daughter of a prominent Judge dies of an overdose. December 6, 2017
Cp510 5.10 (#94)
Rabbit Hole
Halstead puts his credibility and career on the line to help solve a case with ties to his new girlfriend. January 3, 2018
Cp511 5.11 (#95)
Burgess works with her first criminal informant to track down a ruthless pimp and break up his prostitution ring. January 10, 2018
Cp512 5.12 (#96)
Atwater goes missing and the team digs into his past to discover why he's been taken. January 17, 2018
Cp513 5.13 (#97)
Chasing Monsters
When a gang from El Salvador infiltrates Chicago, Intelligence works with a visiting detective to put an end to the crew's brutal tactics. January 31, 2018
Cp514 5.14 (#98)
Intelligence investigates the death of a college athlete killed after kneeling in protest. February 7, 2018
Cp515 5.15 (#99)
Intelligence tracks down a vigilante killing rapists. February 28, 2018
Cp516 5.16 (#100)
Intelligence investigates a string of bombings targeting members of the media. March 7, 2018
Cp517 5.17 (#101)
Breaking Point
When a prominent Alderman known for his urban revitalization efforts is killed, Intelligence looks into the corruption haunting his neighborhood. March 14, 2018
Cp518 5.18 (#102)
Upton brings back an old undercover identity to help take down a meth ring spearheaded by a former criminal contact. March 21, 2018
Cp519 5.19 (#103)
A string of stash house robberies lead back to an unlikely individual. April 11, 2018
Cp520 5.20 (#104)
After Voight witnesses the kidnapping of a young woman with a mysterious connection to his past, Intelligence works to find a connection between her kidnapping and several bank robberies. April 18, 2018
Cp521 5.21 (#105)
Halstead and Atwater go undercover to prevent military-grade weapons from hitting the street. May 2, 2018
Cp522 5.22 (#106)
Tensions run high as Intelligence seeks justice for Olinsky after he's stabbed in prison. May 9, 2018

Season 6

Image Episode Sypnosis Original Airdate
Cp0601 6.01 (#107)
New Normal
Bad heroin is causing overdoses in Chicago, and Intelligence is a man down with Voight suspended. September 26, 2018
Cp0602 6.02 (#108)
After discovering the true cause of the high-rise fire, Intelligence races to find the man responsible. October 3, 2018
6.03 (#109)
Bad Boys
Politics get in the way as the team tries to rescue a teenage girl kidnapped by a robbery crew. October 10, 2018
6.04 (#110)
Ride Along
October 17, 2018
6.05 (#111)
6.06 (#112)
6.07 (#113)
6.08 (#114)
6.09 (#115)
6.10 (#116)
6.11 (#117)
6.12 (#118)
6.13 (#119)
6.14 (#120)
6.15 (#121)
6.16 (#122)
6.17 (#123)
6.18 (#124)
6.19 (#125)
6.20 (#126)

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