3 Gold Stars

Chief of Detectives insignia

Chief of Detectives is the title given to the supervisor of the precinct detective squads and specialized investigative units such as the Major Case Squad and Special Victims Unit.

The Chief of D's is the senior-most investigative officer in the police department. He acts as the direct supervisor to the commanding officers of each squad. Lieutenant Van Buren, and Captains Cragen, Ross and Pierce all answer directly to the Chief.

The Chief of Detectives is one of the 3 Star "Superchiefs" that commands a Bureau (There's also a Chief of Patrol, Chief of Internal Affairs, Chief of Housing, Chief of Support Services, Chief of Transportation, Chief of Community Relations and Chief of Transit Bureau.)
Chief of D's

Chief of Detectives 3 star Gold Shield.

Known Chief of Detectives Edit

New York City Police Department Edit

Chief of Detectives

Chief of Detectives Muldrew (played by John Schuck)

Chief of Detectives Bradshaw

Chief of Detectives Bradshaw (played by Neal Jones)

It is unclear whether there are more than one Chief of Detectives' at the same time. The real-life NYPD lists only one individual as the Chief of Detectives, but in the Law & Order franchise several individuals have appeared in the same timeframe.

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