The People's Republic of China is a communist regime in Asia, it is the third largest country in the world, behind Russia and Canada. China does however have the largest population in the world. This was the reason the Chinese government issued a One Child Policy, which restricted Chinese couples to have only child to reduce overpopulation, though recently the government has made exceptions to certain couples.

Most produce in America has "Made in China" inscribed on it.

During the 1930s and 40s, the Republic of China suffered a brutal and long invasion by the Empire of Japan. The Imperial Japanese Army not only invaded and occupied parts of China but bombed and slaughtered and raped many Chinese cities, most notably Nanking. The Chinese military was ill-equipped to repel the technologically advanced Japanese military. The at the time neutral United States allowed some Americans to join the Chinese Air Force as volunteers. Flying P-40 Warhawk fighters, the American Volunteer Group became known to the Chinese as the "Flying Tigers", due to the shark-mouth paint on the noses of the fighters. The AVG gained a fearsome reputation as deadly tough fighters against the lightly armored Japanese fighters.

After Japan bombed Pearl Harbor in December 1941, the United States entered the war. With America's open and direct support of China and other anti-Japanese countries, the Japanese were repelled from the Chinese mainland.

After World War II, communists overthrew the republic and installed a communist dictatorship. Since then, the country has become the one of the world's largest non-Western superpowers.

The military force of China is the People's Liberation Army. In 2002, a former officer of the PLA became a suspect in the shooting of Chinese immigrant Susan Littleton. (CI: "Chinoiserie")

The downside of China's emergence into the modern world has been a long string of accusations of human rights abuses, particularly in Tibet, which the Chinese Communist Party took over in 1950. Because the Tibetan resistance was led by the country's spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, the CCP took to torturing Buddhist monks and nuns. In 2003, the Special Victims Unit in Manhattan investigated the murder of one of the survivors of the torture, who'd fled to the United States of America. (SVU: "Tortured")

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