Chris Roberts
Sean Grandillo svu
Name Chris Roberts
Occupation High-school student
Pathology Rapist
Family Dennis Roberts (father)
Ellen Roberts (mother)
Status Alive
Registered as a sex offender
Actor Sean Grandillo
First Appearance "A Misunderstanding"

Chris Roberts is a high-school student who raped a 14-year-old classmate at a party.

History Edit

Chris invited a female student named Abby Stewart to a party. Abby had a crush on Chris and Chris felt the same way, to her surprise. He takes her down to the Red Room and rapes her, with Abby telling him to stop several times. Eventually, Rita Calhoun visits Olivia Benson and tells her about Abby's ordeal. Chris is questioned by the SVU detectives, but they are eventually kicked out by Chris's parents.

ADA Rafael Barba tries to deal with Chris and his parents by just putting him on the sex registry and no jail time. Chris asks if he can just apologize to Abby, to which Chris's parents both decline furiously. Meanwhile, Abby starts to feel bad about her claims. When Chris is put on the sex registry, she apologizes. (SVU: "A Misunderstanding")

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