Christine Danielson
Name Christine Danielson
Title Assistant U.S. Attorney (2010-present)
Bureau Chief (2007-2010)
Assistant District Attorney (former)
Affiliation United States Attorney (2010-present)
Manhattan District Attorney's Office (former)
Division Eastern District (2010-present)
Homicide Bureau (2007-2010)
Occupation Attorney
Status Alive
Actor Gloria Reuben
First Appearance "Snitch"
Last Appearance "Dirty"

Christine "Chris" Danielson is a Bureau Chief of the Homicide Bureau who works for the Manhattan District Attorney's Office. She later transferred to the Eastern District of the United States Attorney's office.


Danielson is first seen as the Bureau Chief prosecuting Dennis King for murder. When King is arrested for violating an order of protection against the only witness, Chuckwei Bothame, Danielson stops by to inform him and his counsel he will bury them in court. At a hearing, Danielson convinces the judge to haves charges brought for violating the order and raising King's bail to $500,000 on the violation. Afterward Bothame expresses doubts that she can stop King and she tells him she will talk to Detectives Benson and Stabler, who are investigated the murder of Bothame's wife Nikki.

When it discovered Bothame has two more wives, Danielson meets with Benson and Stabler to discuss damage control. The detective reveal he has only three wives and also discuss implementing additional security measures. Danielson informs them she is financially strapped and can't afford to put in additional security. They however manage to convince Danielson to give each of Bothame's wives a panic button directly linked to SVU. Bothame unfortunately has a change of heart and lies on the stand claiming he never saw King kill anyone, despite Danielson's attempts to change his mind. When it is discoverd that another of Bothame's wives, Sara Flynt, killed Nikki out of jealously, Bothame tells the truth in court and King is convicted of murder. (SVU: "Snitch")

Danielson eventually transfers to the U.S. Attorney's Office. When the Manhattan Special Victims Unit discovers an underage human and sex trafficking ring, Detective Stabler calls Danielson to asks her for a favor. He and Benson want to continue working the case under her and she prosecutes them all in federal court while helping the victims with counseling and relocation. While reluctant, Danielson agrees and deputizes Benson and Stabler. One of the victims identifies Victoria Reyes as a sex slave broker, but run into problems when she is identified as a federal witness. Danielson manages to get Reyes to talk for immunity and threatening to pull her current deal. Reyes identifies Liam and Julia Ryan as the ringleaders and warns them that when the heat closes in they will kill the children. They find the house where they are hiding and Danielson calls to get warrants for their arrests on the way over. They discover the Ryans fleeing and Stabler stops them while Danielson and Benson rush to the house to save the children. Danielson then takes over and has them arrested, convicted, and sentences to life in a maximum security federal prison. (SVU: "Merchandise")

Danielson then heads an investigation when it is suspected that a member of the Kings County District Attorney's Office stole $500,000 from a drug bust. Danielson looks at the Major Narcotics Bureau run by Unit Chief A.D.A. Page Ferguson and three Detective Investigators working under her, Michael Walden, Sean Riggs, and Sunny Qadri who conducted the bust. She orders all of them take a polygraph, which Walden and Riggs pass, Ferguson is deceptive during, and Qadri refuses to take.

After Ferguson is murdered, Detective Benson catches the case and arrest Qadri for tampering with the case which Danielson objects to. Danielson tries to argue that the murder is connected to her case but Benson takes her down to her station with Danielson following behind her. Danielson observes Benson interrogate Qadri and when Benson come out for air and argues that Qadri passed the polygraph and makes the argument that Ferguson committed suicide. Detective Fin comes to tell them she had help from a woman named Lakeisha Watkins, who is the girlfriend of a snitch, Damon Merced, on another of Ferguson's cases, the murder trial of Latin King leader Angel Rivera.

After they are interrogated and reveal Riggs and Ferguson were in a relationship, Danielson remarks that both aren't credible and can't use their word to question Riggs and can't prove murder. After they find evidence in Ferguson's car proving Ferguson was murdered, SVU eventually discover Merced on camera in the driver's seat, implicating him in Ferguson's murder. Danielson sends Benson to question him, only to find him and his girlfriend dead. Both Danielson and Benson interrogate Riggs, suspecting Merced was his longtime informant and orchestrated all three murders. Riggs revealed that Ferguson was a self cutter and her job was the trigger and planned to retire after the Rivera trial.

When they learn Rivera's girlfriend visited Rivera the day Merced and Watkins were murdered, Danielson and Benson pay Rivera a visit. They get him to reveal who the real corrupt party is after giving his girlfriend immunity: Detective Investigator Qadri. Danielson and Benson arrive with another cop and his trained dog and a warrant for the money while she smugly states she will only serve a year for stealing the money. She eventually reveals she had Ferguson killed by making Merced think Ferguson stole the money and did it because she helped make her career. Ferguson was supposed to help Qadri make Captain, but she decided to retire and live a normal life with Riggs. Qadri hated how Ferguson had a great career and love life and was jealous. After Qadri taunted Benson that they were the same, Danielson had Qadri arrested and convicted for taking drug money, orchestrating three murders, and obstructing the investigation. (SVU: "Dirty")

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