Christine Wilkes
Christine Wilkes
Name Christine Wilkes
Occupation Editor
Pathology Murderer
Status Imprisoned
Actor Polly Draper
First Appearance Faith

Christine Wilkes was a book editor. She received a very badly written manuscript by a young girl with ALS, Erica Windemere, entitled Through the Darkness. Despite how badly written it was, something about it resonated with her, especially as she had recently had a biopsy which wasn't cervical cancer at all. In the frame of mind of her recent brush with death, or the possible lost of her ability to have children, Christine Wilkes rewrote the manuscript beautifully and book went on to strong sales.

With such a personal investment in the idea of Erica and her book, she ignored growing obvious evidence that Erica was fictitious, that her supposed foster mother Barb Windemere was conning her by pretending to be Erica.

When journalist Douglas Lafferty threatened to expose the scam, Christine was very upset and killed him to protect Erica. Detective Robert Goren discovered this and had her taken into custody. (CI: Faith)

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