Cindy Cramer
Cindy Cramer
Name Cindy Cramer
Title Sarah Ophion
Affiliation Church of Wisdom and Sight
Occupation Cult member
Family John Cramer (husband; deceased)
Melanie Cramer (daughter)
Samuel (son; deceased)
Unnamed parents-in-law (both deceased)
Status Alive
Actor Shannon Cochran
First Appearance "Charisma"

Cindy Cramer (alias Sarah Ophion) was a member of the Church of Wisdom and Sight. She is the mother of twelve-year-old Melanie Cramer and a nine-year-old boy named Samuel.


Cindy disappeared with her husband John and their daughter in the 1990s. John's parents reported them missing to the Englewood, P.D., but they couldn't find anything useful. The elder Cramers eventually passed away hoping their son and his family would be found alive.

Cult leader Abraham Ophion (real name Eugene Hoff) was the reason for the disappearance of the Cramer family. He was the leader of the Church of Wisdom and Sight, a religion that appealed to them. Eugene shot John through the head, and stashed him inside a wall of his house. He told Cindy that her husband had left her.

Cindy sought comfort in the cult, and became Eugene's "wife". Her "husband" impregnated her, and she gave birth to Samuel. Her son was shot to death with five other children, at the hands of Eugene.

Eugene used all the women and girls of his cult for sexual favors. Cindy's daughter was no exception. Melanie gave birth to a boy, but he died shortly after. Melanie got pregnant again when she was eleven years old. During her second pregnancy she had to be emitted to the St. Catherine's hospital. Cindy would later call Captain Cragen from the hospital to ask him about the condition of her son, not knowing that he'd been killed during the hostage situation.

During an investigation into the death of John Cramer, members from the Crime Scene Unit found his skeletal remains inside the wall of Eugene's apartment. Detective Olivia Benson confronted Cindy with his belongings, and her loyalty towards Eugene began to diminish. She told Benson the hidden location of her daughter and Eugene. (SVU: "Charisma")

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