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"Collateral Damages"
SVU, Episode 17.15
Production number: 17015
First aired: 17 February 2016
  th of 366 produced in SVU  
th of 366 released in SVU
  th of 1106 released in all  
Written By
Samantha Corbin-Miller

Directed By
Rosemary Rodriguez


An undercover sting leads to the takedown of an online pedophile ring and the arrest of two high-profile suspects.


Episode plot


Main CastEdit

Recurring cast Edit

Guest CastEdit


Episode references


Rollins: Stay in this job long enough, all your heroes die.
Dobbs: I took a bullet and ended up dodging one.
Pippa Cox (about her husband, Hank Abraham): I married him. I slept with him for 12 years. I didn't know what he was like. No radar went off. How blind am I? How stupid?
Pippa Cox (to Olivia): Does this ever stop getting worse?
Olivia: No. Not until your husband accepts where he is.

Background information and notesEdit

Background info.

Episode scene cards Edit

1 2 3

Physical Therapy Clinic
Mercy Hospital
Wednesday, February 10

Arraignment Court
Part 12
Friday, February 12

Supreme Court
Part 12
Sunday, February 14

Previous episode:
"Nationwide Manhunt"
"Collateral Damages"
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Season 17
Next episode:
"Star-Struck Victims"
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