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L&O, Episode 10.11
Production number: E1116
First aired: 26 January 2000
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Melnick Collision
Teleplay By
Gerry Conway

Story By
Gerry Conway & William N. Fordes

Directed By
David Platt

Plot Edit

The investigation of a schizophrenic woman's death leads to a case involving a homeless man and his right to refuse medication.

Cast Edit

Main cast Edit

Guest cast Edit

References Edit

Quotes Edit

Officer: Couple in an apartment across the street heard some screaming and called 911.
Lennie Briscoe: Concerned citizens. Must be new in town. When was this?

Ed Green: You want us to throw this back to the 3-1?
Anita Van Buren: Unless you've got a block of free time I don't know about.
Lennie Briscoe: Latent pulled some prints off the glasses--Karen Brewster. Female Caucasian. 38 years old.
Ed Green: What's she in the system for?
Lennie Briscoe: Misdemeanor loitering. Picked up during one of his honor's neighborhood sweeps a couple years back. She gave an address in Brooklyn. What'd the lieutenant have to say?
Ed Green: She said run with it.

Doctor: When they brought him in, he told me he'd been hit by a blow dart from an assassin hired by Bill Gates.
Abbie Carmichael: Why would he think that?
Doctor: Steve Jobs told him.

"When I was a boy, my uncle in Tehran talked to the Moon. But he only talked to the Moon when my grandfather told him he must leave and find work."
Dr. Naim
"There's a fine line between theory and diagnosis."
Dr. Emil Skoda
Danielle Melnick: What you get is somebody that is not competent to stand trial.
Jack McCoy: The hell he isn't. Put him back on his medication.
Danielle Melnick: Yeah, you do that, you'll be in contempt. I'm filing for a T.R.O. barring you from medicating my client against his will.
Jack McCoy: You want him like this?
Danielle Melnick: It's what he wants. Then I'm filing for a permanent injunction prohibiting this trial from proceeding. Look, McCoy, my client may be legally sane, but that doesn't mean he's not crazy.

Abbie Carmichael: I'm not comfortable with the idea of our just shoving pills down a man's throat.
Jack McCoy: I'm surprised, Abbie. If he ran away to another state, we'd extradite him. The fact that he's escaped into his own mind, shouldn't put him beyond our reach.

Ed Green: She hasn't been here in awhile?
Superintendent: I told you: her parents slip me a few bucks to keep an eye on her. You know they pay the rent, too; they tell you that? She's doin' fine until a few weeks ago, but I haven't seen her in maybe a month.
Lennie Briscoe: Sounds like the Brewsters were gettin' their money's worth.

Background information and notes Edit

Episode scene cardsEdit

1 2 3

Northside Shelter
150 Copley Street
Long Island City
Wednesday, December 9

Home of
Mr. & Mrs. Philip Bower
Bayside, Queens
Monday, December 14

Rikers Island
Psychiatric Services Office
Monday, December 21

4 5

Rikers Island
Psychiatric Ward
Tuesday, January 5

Apartments of
Karen Brewster
206 West 16th Street
Thursday, January 21

Previous episode:
"Loco Parentis"
Law & Order
Season 10
Next episode:
"Mother's Milk"
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