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Connie Rubirosa
Rubirosa Murder Book
Name Connie Rubirosa
Title Assistant U.S. Attorney
(Former) Deputy District Attorney
(Former) Assistant District Attorney
Affiliation United States Department of Justice,
(former) Los Angeles District Attorney's Office,
(Former) Manhattan District Attorney's Office
Status Alive
Actor Alana De La Garza
First Appearance Fame
Last Appearance Jersey Breakdown

Consuela "Connie" Rubirosa is an Assistant U.S. Attorney, formerly a Deputy District Attorney in the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office and a former Assistant District Attorney in the Manhattan District Attorney's Office, portrayed by Alana De La Garza, who joined the cast of Law & Order during the premiere episode of season 17. She is the successor of Alexandra Borgia, who was murdered in the episode "Invaders", the finale of season 16, and works as the assistant to Michael Cutter, and that is interesting because on episode 20.9, "For the Defense", Cutter indicates that he possesses romantic feelings for her. McCoy, despite experiencing controversy due to his own relationships with various former ADAs (including the now deceased Claire Kincaid), appears to be supportive of Cutter's aspirations. At the end of the episode, it is hinted that she is aware of his attraction; but her own feelings are unknown. She previously worked with Jack McCoy. She moved to Los Angeles to work in their DA's Office (LA: "Silver Lake"), but returned to New York City to work on a Federal Task Force investigating sex trafficking (SVU: "Jersey Breakdown").


  • Connie Rubirosa is the fourth and final Law and Order character to be moved to a spinoff. The others are Donald Cragen, Lennie Briscoe, and Mike Logan. For Rubirosa, she was moved from Law and Order to Law and Order: LA.

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