Conroy Smith
Connie Smith
Name Conroy "Connie" Smith
Pathology Triple murderer
Mass proxy murderer
Status Imprisoned for life/Executed
Actor Billy Lush
First Appearance "Sound Bodies"
Last Appearance "In the Wee Small Hours (Part I)"

Connie Smith is a highly literate young murderer who, at age 17, orchestrated the murders of a number of people in his hometown of Channel Island, assisted by a trio of teenage girls. Arrested by the Manhattan Major Case Squad, he is currently serving a long sentence in Green Haven Correctional Facility. (CI: "Sound Bodies")

In a later episode, Connie is recruited by the Major Case Squad to befriend a suspect in another case, Ethan Garrett. Without being told about Ethan or about the case he is involved in, Connie gains his trust and the two are recorded talking about the missing girls in Ethan's case. (CI: "In the Wee Small Hours (1)")

Known VictimsEdit

  • The boat sinking (three fatalities; personally sabotaged the boat):
    • Brian Koehlar
    • John Young
    • Mr. Lafferty
  • The mass poisoning (six fatalities; committed with Christina Walker, Carolyn James, and Claudia Goodman):
    • Laura Koehler
    • George Touley
    • Henry Leavitt
    • Diana Miller
    • Two unnamed people
    • Three unnamed people (survived)
  • Detective Robert Goren (assaulted)

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