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SVU, Episode 6.06
Production number: E5208
First aired: 9 November 2004
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Brett Morton
Written By
Robert Nathan & Roger Wolfson

Directed By
David Platt

Summary Edit

A boy brutally murders a neighbor boy. The victim's father recommends leniency, but questions his decision when new facts come to light.

Plot Edit

Five-year-old Henry Morton disappears during a birthday party and all eyes lead to Billy Turner, a registered sex offender. But the case takes a twist when Henry is found murdered and his 13-year-old neighbor, Jake O'Hara, is responsible.

Jake claims that he was abused after being sent to a camp for kids with behavioral problems. They go to the camp and find that Jake was never abused, but rather an abuser who would self harm and threaten his victims if they told on him. This evidence reveals that Jake is a sociopath, who has no remorse, no conscience, and killed Henry just because he wanted to. Henry's father, Dr. Brett Morton, is shocked. After discovering that Jake would get out of jail at age eighteen and would possibly keep on killing, he leaves the room, only for Jake and his mother to leave shortly after. When Jake gives Morton an insincere and mocking apology, he loses it and shoots Jake in the courthouse.

Morton is later charged with Jake's death. During court, Novak wonders if Morton acted like a grief-stricken father when he shot Jake or he did it because he had previously written a paper detailing that sociopathic children like Jake can't be helped and should be severely punished.

At the end, with the trial over and Morton acquitted, he confides that he was in full control when he shot Jake out of guilt, for he knew that Jake could never be cured of his sociopathy. When asked what distinguishes him from Jake, Morton replies that Jake would have kept killing once he was released, whilst the shrink himself will never kill again.

Cast Edit

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References Edit

Rhinebeck Survival Camp; Adolescent Behavior

Quotes Edit

Stabler: You manipulated us just like Jake did.
Dr. Morton: There's one big difference. Jake would've killed again. I won't.

Background information and notes Edit

Background information and notes

Episode scene cards Edit

1 2 3 4 5

Apartment of
Jeffrey Jackson
258 West 27th Street
Sunday, October 3

Morton Residence
Riverdale, New York
Sunday, October 3

Apartment of
Billy Turner
52 Avenue B
Sunday, October 3

Crime Lab
One Police Plaza
Monday, October 4

Part 22
Tuesday, October 5

6 7 8 9

Rhinebeck Survival Camp
Rhinebeck, New York
Tuesday, October 5

Family Court
Part 51
Wednesday, October 6

Rikers Island
Interrogation Room
Thursday, October 7

Trial Part 44
Tuesday, November 2

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