L&O, Episode 3.02
Production number: 68006
First aired: 30 September 1992
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Gary Lowenthal
Written By
René Balcer & Michael S. Chernuchin

Directed By
Ed Sherin


After the leader of a black organization is killed, identifications lead to the arrest of a teacher.


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"The jury in Los Angeles delivered us a clear message. Black people are on their own! No justice except for what we do for ourselves. No prosperity, except what we create with our own hands! Well, I'm here to tell you that I welcome that message. Because we, as a people, are not without resources! The Jews did for their own. The Koreans do for their own. Now is the time to do for our own! Anger is a force for change, but not if it blinds us! The road ahead is filled with distractions! Hate for the white man is a distraction, and we are better than that! And I... I am here to tell you... Believe me, brothers and sisters, we will have the last word!"
Marcus Tate
"They all have one thing in common. "White, white, very white". Tells you something."
Mike Logan
"I read the papers, I know their politics, and they're freaking racists."
Mike Logan
Phil Cerreta: Tate's wife was there, bodyguards.
Mike Logan: Well, unless Phil and I change our racial persuasion, nobody's talking to us.

Phil Cerreta: What did this guy look like?
Otis Cooke: Brown hair. About 35, 40.
Mike Logan: You ever seen him before?
Otis Cooke: Hey, I don't know. All you white boys look like.

Phil Cerreta: A lone gunman? High-profile target? You don't just get up one day and go shoot a public figure.
Mike Logan: You stalk him. Look for a chink in his armor.

Background information and notes

  • The episode is based on the assassination of both the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X assassinations. Both men were very active in protecting the civil rights of the black community, and both men were assassinated as a result. Malcolm X (born Malcolm Little) was assassinated on February 25, 1965, at the age of 39, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated on April 4, 1968, also at the age of 39. Malcolm X left a widow and six children, two of which (twins) were born after his death. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. left a widow and four children.
  • Director of photographer Constantine Makris received an Emmy Award in the category Outstanding Individual Achievement in Cinematography for a Series for this episode. He received the same award for his work on the episodes "Mad Dog" and "Stalker".
  • Director Ed Sherin was nominated for the same award in the category Outstanding Individual Achievement in Directing in a Drama Series.
  • This episode won the 1993 Edgar Allan Poe Award for Best Episode in a TV Series.

Episode scene cards

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African American
92 Lenox Avenue
Tuesday, July 28

Amhest Club Library
16 West 44th Street
Monday, August 3

33rd Precinct
Interrogation Room
Wednesday, August 5

4 5

Supreme Court
Trial Part 46
Tuesday, September 22

Office Of District
Attorney Adam Schiff
Monday, November 2

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