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CI, Episode 7.06
Production number: CI7002
First aired: 8 November 2007
  th of 195 produced in CI  
th of 195 released in CI
  th of 1106 released in all  
Falacci Courtship
Written By
Julie Martin & Warren Leight

Directed By
Jean de Segonzac

Plot Edit

When a corrupt judge's wife, a couples' therapist, is shot to death in her home, Logan and Falacci initially suspect patients of the victim until they encounter a private investigator who seemed to have been the only one to have murdered the woman, or so they think.

Cast Edit

Main cast Edit

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Guest cast Edit

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Background information and notes Edit

This episode appears to be ripped from the headlines of the ongoing saga involving the messy divorce between celebrities Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger. In April of 2007, Baldwin left a long voice message on his daughter's cell phone when she failed to answer a scheduled call, which was later leaked to the media. In the message, Baldwin had many harsh things to say to his daughter.

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Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Season 7
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