Craig Lennon
Name Craig Lennon
Affiliation NYPD (19??-2009)
Division Parole (19??-2009)
Occupation Police officer (19??-2009)
Status Alive (retired)
Actor Joe Lisi
First Appearance "Demons"
Last Appearance "Snatched"

Craig Lennon was a parole officer in the New York City Police Department.


Possessing very little faith in the ability of convicted criminals to change their ways, Lennon was only too happy to help the police put parolees back in jail. To this end, he enabled Detective Elliot Stabler to go undercover as paroled sex offender Elliot McEvoy in order to catch another paroled sex offender, Ray Schenkel, who was suspected to have returned to his old ways. (SVU: "Demons")

He later assisted Stabler in trying to apprehend a registered sex offender named Joel Mayder, only for Mayder to die while trying to jump to another rooftop. (SVU: "Blast")

In 2009, Lennon was criticized for his lack of oversight when another parolee, Geno Parnell, violated the terms of his parole by contacting his daughter, Rosie, who was later kidnapped by parties unknown. Much to Lennon's chagrin, this came within 80 days of his retirement. Parnell was later determined to be innocent of the kidnapping and while he was guilty of parole violation, Lennon decided to let it go so he could have a second chance. Lennon has since presumably retired. (SVU: "Snatched")


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