Craig Rasmussen
Craig Rasmussen
Name Craig Rasmussen
Occupation Bus driver (former)
Pathology Spree killer
Family Beth Rasmussen (wife; deceased)
Ramona Clegg (mother-in-law; deceased)
Two unnamed ex-wives
Status Deceased
Actor P.J. Brown
First Appearance "Dreams Deferred"

Craig Rasmussen was a spree killer.


Rasmussen murdered his wife, his mother-in-law, and several other people in a killing spree spanning across New York City within 48 hours. His life had gone down south after he was laid off from his job as a bus driver nine months prior.

After a long manhunt, Rasmussen was shot to death by police after being lured out by prostitute Jeannie Kerns, with whom he was in regular contact. He previously made plans with her to marry her, despite his current marriage. (SVU: "Dreams Deferred")

Known VictimsEdit

  • 2012:
    • November 8:
      • Ramona Clegg (his mother-in-law; shot twice in the head, then shot in the heart post-mortem)
      • The office shooting:
        • Beth Rasmussen (his wife; shot once in the head)
        • Ellen Macteal (shot once in the head)
        • Bob Backerly (shot twice in the chest)
      • Willie Lowdell (shot in the chest)
    • November 9:
      • The Yankee Motor Inn room shooting:
        • Yvette Jimenez (shot once in the head)
        • An unnamed man (shot once in the chest)
        • An unnamed man (shot once in the chest; survived, but later died after being discovered by police)
      • The Port Authority maintenance yard shooting:
        • An unnamed night employee (shot in the chest)
        • An unnamed security guard (shot in the chest)
    • November 10:
      • An unnamed gypsy cab driver (shot twice in the chest)
      • Jeannie Kerns (held hostage)

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