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"Criminal Hatred"
SVU, Episode 14.12
Production number: 14012
First aired: 30 January 2013
  th of 366 produced in SVU  
th of 366 released in SVU
  th of 1106 released in all  
Written By
Ed Zuckerman

Directed By
Adam Bernstein

A.D.A. Barba tries a murder case against an unpredictable defense attorney in a showdown that stretches the boundaries of the law.


The SVU detectives go undercover to arrest a man who targets and brutally attacks other men. They gather enough evidence for A.D.A. Barba to file charges, but the case begins to spiral as he contends with a deceptively tough defense attorney.


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1 2 3 4

Smoke Shop
54 Saint Marks Place
Saturday, January 5

Rixton Hotel
148 West 26th Street
Saturday, January 5

Townhouse of
Charles and Melissa Murphy
88 West 11th Street
Sunday, January 6

Supreme Court
Motion Hearing
Monday, January 7

5 6 7

Supreme Court
Part 39
Wednesday, January 9

Supreme Court
Part 39
Monday, January 14

Supreme Court
Bail Hearing
Tuesday, January 15

Previous episode:
"Beautiful Frame"
"Criminal Hatred"
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Season 14
Next episode:
"Monster's Legacy"
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