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L&O, Episode 9.02
Production number: E0205
First aired: 7 October 1998
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Carmichael McCoy DWB
Written By
René Balcer

Directed By
Constantine Makris

A vicious hate crime leads to a case involving a nervous eyewitness and the police's "blue wall of silence."

Plot Edit

Detectives discover a shocking twist involving unlikely suspects when they investigate the brutal beating of a black man dumped near the highway.

Cast Edit

Main cast Edit

Recurring cast Edit

Guest cast Edit

References Edit

21st Precinct; Neighborhood Stabilization Unit; Narcotics Division

Quotes Edit

Jack McCoy: I bought you dinner. I didn't know what you liked, so I got you salad, low cal dressing... (handing over the salad)
Abbie Carmichael: Low-cal?
Abbie Carmichael: Excuse me? I burn it, I don't store it. What did you get?
Jack McCoy: Ribs.
Abbie Carmichael (taking McCoy's dinner for herself): Oh. great. Looks good. I'll eat, you graze.

Adam Schiff (in McCoy's office): Preposterous decision! Hogties every federal prosecutor in the country. And thanks to you, we're a party to it!
Jack McCoy: The decision will be reversed on appeal six months from now. By then, Dietrick and the other two will be on death row.
Adam Schiff: Or your letter of resignation will be on my desk!
Abbie Carmichael (walking in): My [University of Texas] Longhorn pennant'll look good over there.
Jack McCoy: Bite your tongue.

Jack McCoy: Your first death sentence. You okay with it?
Abbie Carmichael: Only one thing bothering me. Ray-ray, the squeegee man. The cops told him which one was Fratelli.
Jack McCoy: I know. I told them to. Perfectly legal. We were never gonna use the identification at trial anyway.
Abbie Carmichael: Legal or not...
Jack McCoy: Major felonies, Abbie. Welcome to the Bigs.

Background information and notes Edit

Background information and notes

Episode scene cardsEdit

1 2 3

Office Of
Borough Detective
Commander Deitz
Tuesday, July 15

St. Cassandra's Hospital
1779 Third Avenue
Wednesday, July 16

Home of
Linda Coffey
Hoboken, New Jersey
Friday, July 25

4 5 6

Home of
Mr. & Mrs. Gil Sawchuck
Queens, New York
Thursday, August 7

Office of
Lt. Gilbert Rausch
21st Precinct
Tuesday, August 12

One Police Plaza
Personnel Division
Friday, August 15

7 8

U.S. District Court
Motion Hearing
Tuesday, September 23

Supreme Court
Trial Part 38
Tuesday, November 4

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Season 9
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