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Dani Beck
Dani Beck Clock
Name Dani Beck
Title Detective
Affiliation NYPD
Division Warrants Squad
Special Victims Unit (2006)
Precinct 16th precinct (2006)
Occupation Police officer
Family Michael Dooley (husband; deceased)
Status Alive
Actor Connie Nielsen
First Appearance "Clock"
Last Appearance "Cage"

Danielle "Dani" Beck, formerly Danielle Dooley, was a Danish detective assigned to Manhattan's Special Victims Unit. She briefly replaced Olivia Benson as Elliot Stabler's partner when Benson was temporarily undercover as Persephone. Dani temporarily had a romantic relationship with Stabler in "Underbelly". Dani eventually returned to the Warrants Squad.

Officer-involved shootingsEdit


Beck immigrated to the US from Denmark. Beck's husband was a New York police officer who was killed four years before Beck joined SVU. She is fluent in French, which she used to comfort and gain the trust of a rape victim who was a native speaker. (SVU: "Recall") 


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