Daniel Benzali
ME (Daniel Benzali) M.E.
an unnamed Medical Examiner & Judge Wade Bookman
Date of birth
20 January 1950
Place of birth
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Wade Bookman Wade Bookman

Daniel Benzali is an actor who played two different characters in Law & Order. He played an unnamed Medical Examiner in the pilot episode "Prescription for Death", and Judge Wade Bookman in the Season 16 episode "Invaders".

Benzali was a notable theatre actor before making guest-starring roles on television series such as Star Trek: The Next Generation, The X-Files, NYPD Blue and L.A. Law. L.A. Law creator Steven Bochco was so impressed with Benzali's performance that he cast him in the lead role of his 1995 series Murder One, playing attorney Ted Hoffman. For this role he was nominated for a Golden Globe award. More recently, Benzali starred on the series The Agency, and in films such as By Dawn's Early Light, Murder at 1600, and The Grey Zone.

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