Daniel Magadan, Jr.
Name Daniel Magadan, Jr.
Occupation Contractor
Pathology Double murderer
Cop killer
Repeat offender
Family Daniel Magadan, Sr. (father)
Status Imprisoned
Actor Vyto Ruginis
First Appearance "Confession"

Daniel Magadan, Jr. is a petty criminal who murdered Detective Max Greevey in order to silence his grand jury testimony.


Magadan was arrested five times and convicted three times. One of these arrests happened in 1989 when he was arrested for stealing a semi-truck filled with microwaves. A police sergeant tortured him with a cigar to make him confess, but Madagan would not budge. At some point, he became part of conspiracy involving illegal payoffs and extortion with his boss Morgan Stern. Stern was later indicted by a grand jury after a building inspector named Janklow stumbled onto their conspiracy and Madagan pushed him off a rooftop. Madagan later found out his father, Daniel Madagan, Sr., was appointed as the jury foreman in the grand jury, and Madagan tried to extract some important information out of him. His father warned him that Sergeant Max Greevey was going to be testifying and recommended that he should stay away. Plotting to suppress Greevey's testimony, Madagan got his girlfriend at the DMV to give up Max's address.


While Greevey was getting some paperwork from his car, Madagan approached him and tried to intimidate him into not providing his testimony to the grand jury. When Greevey refused, Madagan pulled out his gun and shot Greevey three times, killing him, with his wife witnessing the murder. Madagan went into hiding immediately afterwards, but Detective Logan, Greevey's partner, persuaded Madagan's father to give up his location in exchange for taking him in alive. When Madagan saw Logan, he attempted to flee, but was caught and held at gunpoint by Logan as he questioned him. After turning his gun's safety off to scare him, Logan got Madagan to confess to killing Greevey, and he lowered his gun.

Logan then took him back to the 27th Precinct and Sergeant Phil Cerreta took his statement. When Madagan was arraigned, his legal aid attorney claimed that the confession was coerced, but bail was denied. ADA Robinette visited Madagan in prison and he told Robinette about Logan putting a gun to his head with his attorney present. He told him that the click of the gun scared him into confessing. Madagan's confession was thrown out as evidence, but it was allowed back in after Robinette found a legal loophole: Madagan's lawyer mistakenly agitated a witness to blurt it out. As a result, Madagan was found guilty of Greevey's murder and sentenced to no less than 25 years in prison.

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