Darius McCrae
Name Darius McCrae
Pathology Murderer
Family Cheryl McCrae (mother)
Tonya McCrae (sister)
Status Imprisoned
Actor Dante Brown
First Appearance "Transgender Bridge"

Darius McCrae is one of the three teenage boys who harrassed Avery Parker, a teenage transgender woman. His actions directly lead to Avery falling off the bridge and injuring her arm and neck. These injuries inadvertedly lead to her death. As a result, Darius was tried as an adult for the murder of Avery Parker.

Darius enjoys drawing and dreamed of pursuing a career in graphic design. This motivation stems from his witnessing a shooting that killed his cousin. While Avery was still in the hospital, Darius drew several pictures as an apology. Avery and her family saw these pictures and grew more sympathetic and forgiving of Darius. Even after Avery died due to a complication from her injuries, her father testified on behalf of Darius in court and showed the judge the drawings.

Despite the sympathy the Parker family felt toward him as well as his deep remorse, Darius was found guilty of murder and a hate crime against transgender people and sentenced to seven years in prison.