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David Haden
David haden-official story
Name David Haden
Title Executive Assistant District Attorney
Affiliation Manhattan District Attorney's Office
Occupation Attorney
Status Resigned
Actor Harry Connick, Jr.
First Appearance "Official Story"
Last Appearance "Justice Denied"

David Haden is an EADA temporarily assigned to the Manhattan District Attorney's Office. Portrayed by actor Harry Connick, Jr., he appears in L&O SVU episode Official Story in which he assists police with investigation of kidnapping case.

In Official Story Haden and detective Olivia Benson develop chemistry, leading viewers to believe that their relationship may blossom into something more.

In season 13, he and Olivia Benson secretly dated. He and Benson broke it off during "Justice Denied."

Though he was not complicit in the statewide law enforcement scandal, which broke in "Above Suspicion, Haden resigned from the DA's office after the arrest of Paula Foster of the Public Integrity Unit, who had reported to him.

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