Deborah Latrell
Deborah Latrell
Name Deborah Latrell
Affiliation Parisi Studios
Division Fashion
Occupation Former Supermodel
Co-business partner
Carlo's assistant
Pathology Double murderer
Double rapist
Status Imprisoned
Actor Catherine Dent
First Appearance "...Or Just Look Like One"

Deborah Latrell was the fiancée of Carlo Parisi before he stood her up.


Back in her day, she was a successful supermodel, posed for magazines, such as Cosmo, Glamour, Elle and even gave Parisi his start until her career was ended by Ricky Blaine, aka 'The Measuring Man.' when he discolored her right eye and was abandoned and shunned by everyone expect Carlo.

While Benson and Stabler began their search, they find out that Deborah was not only his assistant, but also his co-partner and that she was engaged to him, but he stood her up. She tells Elliot and Olivia how she made Carlo's career and her modeling career, believes that 'Beauty is power until you lose it and then you're garbage. Nobody gives a damn about you,' believes that Olivia wouldn't understand it, because she's still a beautiful woman and wouldn't have any idea of what kind of opportunities there are until they're slammed in her face. She removes her black sunglasses, revealing her damaged, discolored right eye, caused by The Measuring Man.

After her career was destroyed by The Measuring Man, she was abandoned and shunned by everyone except Carlo. She tells them Jazmin showed her the pictures and when she sees the hammer, she tells them she was high on speed when she hit Jazmin's teeth with the hammer. She only hit Wong after she started screaming. Bringing Parisi into this, he told her to make it look like rape and dropped her off at the hospital. She explained to them that he was all she had left in her life.


  • Theresa Burgess (beaten with a claw hammer and raped with a wooden object; later died in the hospital)
  • Vanessa Wong (beaten with a claw hammer, raped with a wooden object and murdered)