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SVU, Episode 6.02
Production number: E5203
First aired: 28 September 2004
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Hannah Wu Huang Debt
Written By
Amanda Green

Directed By
David Platt

Plot Edit

After a 6-year old and her baby sister are found abandoned in an apartment, the investigation leads to a crime ring involving illegal immigrants.

Summary Edit

Cast Edit

Main cast Edit

Recurring cast Edit

Guest cast Edit

References Edit

Quotes Edit

Ricky Yao: How about the two of us, candlelight, bottle of Cristal.
Olivian Benson: I don't date scum.
Ricky Yao: Such a beautiful woman with such a foul mouth. What a turn on.
Olivia Benson: Shut up and wait for your lawyer. I bet Junior's already spillin' his guts.

Casey Novak: You ready to deal?
Ricky Yao: Like I told that hot lady cop, I have nothing to say.
Casey Novak: Maybe this is will change your mind. We found Jiao’s body buried under your whorehouse in Flushing.
Ricky Yao: Check the property rolls. Mrs. Chan owns that place. Sweet old lady.
Casey Novak: Grandma didn’t slit Jiao’s throat.
Ricky Yao: How do you know?

Customs Officer: We used to raid sweatshops every week for making phony handbags, designer jeans, even T- shirts, but since 9/11, we put all our manpower into DVDs.
Olivia Benson: Boot-leg movies pose a threat to national security?
Customs Officer: When al-Qaeda’s selling them. Interpol raided a sleeper cell found 20,000 copies of Lion King, cheap to make, the profit margin’s higher than drugs and a hell of a lot less risky.
Elliot Stabler: Using Mickey Mouse to fund terrorist attacks on America. What next?

Background information and notes Edit

Episode scene cards Edit

1 2 3 4

Chen's Market
252 Grand Street
Tuesday, July 13

McMaster, Kennedy
& Barringer
58 Wall Street
Tuesday, July 13

Zhihua Buddhist Temple
73 Hester Street
Wednesday, July 14

Immigration and
Customs Enforcement
26 Federal Plaza
Wednesday, July 14

5 6 7

Family Court
Thursday, July 15

ACS Foster Home
Queens, New York
Thursday, July 15

Detention Center
Saturday, July 17

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Season 6
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