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Delia Wilson

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Delia Wilson
Name Delia Wilson
Occupation Madam
Pathology Racketeer
Proxy killer
Status Imprisoned for life
Actor Brooke Smith
First Appearance "Rhodium Nights"
Last Appearance "Above Suspicion"

Delia Wilson was a madam catering to the rich and powerful of New York City and as a result made a lot of powerful friends.

She hid behind the facade that she ran a matchmaking service. Her personal attorney, Marvin Exley helped her in maintaining her business and getting people to do favors for her.

On her orders, he tricked Paula Foster into working for her and keeping and eye on a new pimp in town named Bart Ganzel. When Bart started stealing her girls like Carissa Gibson, Delia's top girl, she plotted to take down Bart.

When Bart organized female entertainment for Clayton Hannigan she had one of her girls named Anya Solar pretend to switch sides and brought along Maggie Murphy to work the party. Anya then poisoned Maggie with scopolamine and left her in a bedroom to die.

Delia was later arrested for the murder when her booker came forward as a witness to the murder and well as other crimes.

Delia then hatched a plan to drop all the charges by having Paula Foster set her free through murder, lies and manipulations.

She started by having Iris and Anya murdered so there are no witnesses to incriminate her. Later, Delia fired Exley and represented herself in her case, and framed Cragen for raping several of her girls just after the murder charge against him was dismissed.

All of this would later unravel when Foster revealed her role in everything and as a result, Delia is arrested for multiple counts of racketeering and first-degree murder.

As a result, the NY Attorney General was arrested for promoting prostitution, solicitation and accepting bribes.

In addition to him, three district attorneys, Paula Foster, seven members of NYPD’s vice squad, two state senators and two deputy mayors were also arrested.

Known VictimsEdit

The following were killed on her orders

  • Maggie Murphy (poisoned with scopolamine by Anya Solar)
  • Iris Peterson (wrists were slashed and staged it to look like a suicide)
  • Anya Solar (brakes were cut to stage it as a car accident)


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