Dempsey Powers
Name Dempsey Powers
Pathology Serial Killer
Family Taye Powers (son)
Status Imprisoned for life
Actor Clifton Powell
First Appearance "Cuba Libre"

Dempsey Powers is an inmate at Greenhaven Correctional Facility outside of New York City.


He was convicted of killing three drug dealers. He is also known to have shot nine NYPD officers who attempted to arrest him, but he was acquitted on those charges after he claimed those nine were in the drug business with him.

While in prison, his cellmate was Milton Winters. To gain his trust, he protected Winters from harsh treatment from the other inmates at Green Haven. This trust allowed Powers to concoct a scheme to escape from prison and take his son to Cuba. He worked with Winters to create a hit list of three people Winters wanted dead and smuggle it out of the prison. Unknown to Winters a fourth person was on the list, who was killed by Taye Powers. Dempsey knew that Winters would be suspected and that he would be called to testify. He used the opportunity of being away from Green Haven to collaborate with the prison employee who was driving the van taking him to court to plan an escape. However, this was all known to Detectives Robert Goren and Alexandra Eames, who were waiting to arrest him. (CI: "Cuba Libre")