Derek Lord
Derek Lord
Name Derek Lord
Occupation Musician
Status Alive
Actor Norman Reedus
First Appearance Influence

Derek Lord is a charismatic rock star known for his outspoken views about psychotherapy.

History Edit

Committed to a mental hospital after a suicide attempt in his teens, Lord was subjected to electroshock therapy, which caused him a great deal of trauma. However, he never attempted suicide again. Years later, Lord became a rock star, and used his fame as a platform to protest against the rising use of psychotherapy. He even wrote a book criticizing the subject at full length, although it was criticized and even derided by professionals in the psychotherapy community for its inaccuracies and misinformation.

When 16-year-old Jamie Hoskins suffered a nervous breakdown that culminated in false rape charges and a suicide attempt that wound up injuring several people, Lord offered to pay for her legal expenses, hiring Chauncey Zeirko to defend her. He used the trial to rail against the psychopharmacological industry, claiming that the drugs prescribed to Hoskins to treat her bipolar disorder were responsible for her behaviour, even though she'd stopped taking them a week earlier. During his cross-examination by ADA Casey Novak, Lord's history came out, and when he was asked whether he'd ever attempted suicide since receiving EST, he was forced to concede that he hadn't. (SVU: "Influence")

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