Derek Strauss
Name Derek Strauss
Title Assistant District Attorney
Affiliation Westchester County District Attorney's Office
Division Special Prosecutor's Office
Occupation Attorney
Status Alive
Actor Greg Germann
First Appearance "Undercover Blue"
Derek Strauss is an Assistant District Attorney from Westchester County who is frequently called in to handle cases that name police officers as the defendants to try and further his political career.


When Brian Cassidy is accused of raping ex-prostitute Heather Riggs, he tried the case without prejudice and was close to winning the case despite efforts by his lawyer Barry Querns to prove Brian's innocence. He called Heather, one of her former co-workers, and Det. Amaro to the stand to present his case and eventually got Brian to say something incriminating on the stand. Eventually, it is discovered that Heather was conspiring with Bart Ganzel to frame Brian and eventually sue the city and the charges were dropped. (SVU: "Undercover Blue")

When Nick Amaro is accused of shooting a kid named Yusef Barre without justification and while under the influence of alcohol Strauss is called to handle the case. He meets with Amaro and his attorney to discuss a plea deal, but when he informs them he wants to charge Amaro with a hate crime, they leave. Strauss impaneled a grand jury to indict Nick for a hate crime while Rita Calhoun represents him. When Nick testifies at the grand jury against Rita's advice Derek tries to goad him into confessing, but Nick manages to convince enough of the jury members that he was innocent. After the grand jury failed to indict they were forced to drop the charges. (SVU: "Amaro's One-Eighty")

When William Lewis committed suicide and framed Olivia Benson of murdering him and the evidence proves inconclusive to both sides of the story, Strauss is transferred from Westchester to run the investigation. To this end he convenes a grand jury to indict Sgt. Benson for murder. Strauss calls the M.E. Melinda Warner, detectives Carlson and Delano (the officers guarding her), Amaro, and Amelia Cole (Lewis' last victim) to testify to that effect. When the grand jury failed to indict, he widened the investigation to include Benson's assault of Lewis. To this end he called Fin, Bronwyn Freed (the jury foreperson in Lewis' trial), and Lieutenant Declan Murphy to testify. However, when Lt. Murphy testified that he instructed Benson to lie on camera to get Lewis to drop his guard, then instructed the grand jury to consider Lewis' crime spree, the grand jury in Brooklyn elected against indicting Benson. (SVU: "Post-Mortem Blues")


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