Derrick Simmons
The acting career of Derrick Simmons began at the early age of 10. He attended Harbor JHS of Performing Arts in Harlem, New York.

And attended Talent Unlimited where he majored in drama. An agent saw him in a showcase and sent him out on his first audition. He was booked opposite Stacey Dash in a National Burger King commercial. Years later, as an Actor who wanted to do his own action scenes. Derrick inspired to become a Stuntman. His love and passion for the Arts continues to grow. Derrick Simmons is well-respected and well known in the Acting and Stunt community. His performance as 'Billie Keane' on HBO's gritty prison drama "OZ" was a strong statement of his undeniable talent. [1]

Derrick has starred as an actor twice in Law and Order in the Season 1 Premiere Prescription for Death and Season 12 episode Soldier of Fortune, at the same time doing stunts on a number of occasions for each of the three franchises, SVU, CI and L&O the last being in 2008 for L&O in the Season 18 episode Illegal.

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