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L&O, Episode 9.15
Production number: E0220
First aired: 24 February 1999
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Carmichael Disciple
Written By
Lynne E. Litt & Kathy McCormick

Directed By
Martha Mitchell

Plot Edit

After a teenage girl is found dead in the emergency room, the investigation leads to a case involving a religious ritual and a defendant who claims that the action taken was dictated by a saint's voice.

Cast Edit

Main cast Edit

Guest cast Edit

References Edit

Quotes Edit

Woman: I'm sorry, three kids with the flu home all week.
Rey Curtis: I know how it is.
Woman: No, you don't. You get to go to work.

Abbie Carmichael: Did they teach you how to perform exorcisms, Jack?
Jack McCoy: They taught us to have a healthy respect the devil.
Carmichael: The only devil in this case is the woman we're trying for murder.

McCoy: No guilt, no remorse. Said voices told her to wage war against Satan.
Schiff: Son of Sam again.
McCoy: No. Berkowitz was a psychopathic loser who said he received directions to kill from a Labrador retriever. Rosa's voices tells her to save the world.
Schiff: A voice is a voice. Nobody's that naive.
McCoy: To believe in the devil.
Schiff: People see the devil as an allegory.
McCoy: I'm not so sure I do.
Abbie Carmichael: Horns and a pitchfork, Jack?

"She may hear God, but she may not play God."
Jack McCoy during closing arguments

Background information and notes Edit

  • This episode appears to be ripped from the headlines of the Charity Miranda case. Charity's mother, Vivian, and a classmate, Serena Martin, engaged her in a two-hour exorcism because her mother believed that Charity had a demon inside of her. Charity died during the exorcism process and to cover her death, her mother placed her in a plastic bag, leaving her at the bottom of the stairs.
  • McCoy has been prosecuting cases for nearly 25 years.
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St. Ive's Shelter
311 East Ludlow Street
Monday, January 26

Fremont Recreation Center
115 Suffolk Street
Thursday, January 29

Supreme Court
Wednesday, February 11

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Supreme Court
Trial Part 61
Monday, March 9

Supreme Court
Trial Part 61
Thursday, March 12

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