Don Newvine
Don Newvine
Name Don Newvine
Title Assistant District Attorney (former)
Defense Attorney
Affiliation Manhattan District Attorney's Office (former)
Occupation Attorney
Status Alive
Actor Frank Deal
First Appearance "Sophomore Jinx"
Last Appearance "Scourge"

Don Newvine is an A.D.A. who later became a defense attorney appearing in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.


Newvine prosecuted a man named Ward for killing a victim by decapitation and called Detective Jeffries to testify against him. Ward is eventually convicted, but later killed in the same manner as his victim before sentencing. After the case is adjourned by the judge, Jeffries asked Newvine's opinion on another case. Newvine advised Jeffries that even though the girl is dead and the rape is two months old, as long as there was a witness to the rape, the grand jury can still indict the rapist. (SVU: "Sophomore Jinx")

When Gina Silver confessed to killing corrupt Judge Warren Varella, Captain Cragen comes to Newvine for background on her. Newvine tells how he prosecuted her husband Roger for nearly killing her and how he tried to pin the injuries he caused on Gina. Newvine recommended pleading her out on manslaughter in the second degree if the case wasn't on federal jurisdiction, given that she is a battered woman and the reason she killed Varella is because he made arrangements to get Roger back on the street. Before he left, he advises Cragen to send his detectives to talk to Roger so they can understand why he is so sympathetic to Gina's case. (SVU: "Disrobed")

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