Douglas Lafferty
Douglas Lafferty
Name Douglas Lafferty
Occupation Reporter
Status Deceased
Actor Remak Ramsay
Last Appearance Faith

Douglas Lafferty, also known as Doug, was a reporter and father living in New York City.

He had a long career in journalism, and won a Pulitzer Prize for his work in covering the Tet Offensive during the Vietnam War.

After the death of his wife, he became more distant, and his children began to dislike him.

He began to change, however, after learning of the story of Erica Windemere. He started to withdraw large amounts of money to purchase medical equipment for her, and was so moved by her situation that he purchased a bracelet with the engraving "To Erica, for giving me a reason to go on." What he did not know was that 'Erica' was an invention designed to con people out of their money.

He did begin to suspect that 'Erica' was not an actual person, and demanded to see her personally. He was taken to the home of Barb and Toby Windemere by book editor Christine Wilkes to supposedly be allowed to see her, but realized that Erica's life was "a house of cards" and quickly left, intent on making this discovery public.

He was subsequently murdered by Wilkes, who did not want him to destroy 'Erica's' life. (CI: Faith)

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